“Falcone was alive, he asked us for help with the eyes”: the story of the survivor of Capaci in the new episodes of the Mattanza podcast

“We had to keep up Giovanni Falcone to Favignana to see slaughter of tuna. But we have seen it beforehand the slaughter. And I tuna it was us. “This is what it tells Angelo Corboone of the police survivors from Capaci, in an exclusive interview contained in the new episodes of Slaughter, the podcast about the ’92 massacres produced by Daily event. In fact, two other episodes are coming out today that are closing the first block of the seriesthe one who tells about the events associated with massacre at Capaci: all episodes are available for free at ilfattoquotidiano.itup Spotify, Apple podcast And Amazon music.

The new episodes of the podcast – When Giovanni Falcone went in again Sicily that Saturday afternoon, May 23, thirty years ago, he had actually been invited to attend typical tuna fishing which for hundreds of years took place on the island of Trapani Province. It is for this reason that we have chosen the title of this series as follows: Slaughter, the place where Falcone went to spend Sunday. Only they killed him last Saturday. ONE resounding death plan and the one that Cosa Nostra studied is very difficult. To define it, the bosses created one neologism: Attentatuni, that is, the great attack. And in fact, the one that is organized to assassinate Falcone is an unprecedented attack. In it March ’92 Totò Riina order the end of Roman mission: in the capital, the judge actually often moves without an escort. A command led by Matteo Messina money And Giuseppe Graviano he had been sent to Rome to eliminate him: they had told the mafia that Falcone often went to eat at Matricianoin via dei Gracchi, close by Right of cassation. But there they do not find it because that information is False: The judge in Rome often went to eat to Field of flowersat the restaurant Carbonaraena place that has the name of another typical dish from Roman cuisine. It’s a trivial, almost comical mistake. It is a mistake that may changes the story of the massacres. After a few days, the boss actually cancels everything: he calls back to his parents and explains to him that you must return to Sicily, where they found “bigger things“. Which? The repentant Gaspare Spatuzza identifies a fundamental step in this strategy change: “The the creation of this whole story that is when Falcone is no longer being killed in Rome with the methods and it has started Mafia terror phasefrom there he is not alone Cosa Nostra“. But if he is not alone Cosa Nostra so what else is it?

An attack like ETA’s – There is certainly only that with the massacre of Capaci, the mafia change strategy for the first time: Blocks what would have been a simple shooting. And arrange one attack in style, difficult to prepare and which does not ensure the elimination of the target. After thirty years, we may not notice it anymore, but that Capaci is a massacre with a very high probability of failure: command led by Giovanni Brusca decide to things with explosives a whole stretch of highway. To find a similar precedent, we must go back to 1973, to the attack carried out by the terrorists inAge in Madrid: that was the goal Luis Carrero Blancogeneral dolphin Francisco Franco. But the car he was driving in was moving at a walking pace. TO Capable, on the other hand, Falcone’s and escort cars are driving at full speed. I am three armored Fiat Croma: the first is brown and the agents are on board Antonio Montinaro, Rocco Dicillo And Vito Schifani. The other is the white of the judge who drove that day. He always does it when his wife is with him, Francesca Morvillo: suffers from motion sickness and needs to sit in front. The judicial leader, Giuseppe Costanza, therefore sitting on the back seats. The third car is light blue and has three other police officers: Gaspare Cervello, Paolo Capuzza And Angelo Corbo.

“So we kill” – It is Corbo who tells the last moments before the explosion, as the car driven by Falcone at a certain point slows down: “Ua spare car is hard to get under 150, 160 chours per hour and that was the pace we kept. However, we come to a point where we see that Falcone’s car, the White Chroma, brakes. Come on 170, 160-170 kilometers per hour to 120. My driver notices this and exclaims: but why does it slow down so much?Why does it slow down so much? Corbo and his colleagues, who will only find out some time later when the prosecutor will tell Giuseppe Costanza. He says he had asked Falcone, who was driving, to leave him car keys when they arrive at their destination. Falcone was apparently lost in thought. “Commits oneself a remarkable inexperience – Corbo continues – turns off the machinehe wants to remove the keys from the lock in the dashboard, in his head he takes them out, takes his own, restarts as if nothing had happened … we all know that this is crazy, because the car i.a. things, in speed, a machine super battleship like hers, does not mean being able to take it back. Because the power brakes are activated, the power steering is activated, the car is uncontrollable. So much so that while he turns off and is about to remove the keys, Giuseppe Costanza says to him: Doctor, what are you doing? So we go and kill ourselves“.

“There I pressed the remote control” – That Falcone has slowed down, even Brusca realizes what the boss his employees called ‘du verruthat pig. Brusca also has another nickname that does not need translation: du scannacristiani. After organizing the attack, he settled on a hill from which he can dominate the motorway connecting Palermo with its airport, at the junction leading to Capable. In the podcast, you can listen to the chronicle Brusca makes of the seconds when Nino Gioè invites him to press the remote control that activates the explosive: “Gioè used to say to me when he saw the procession arrive ‘go’ … because suddenly the car and the procession had slowed down, you could see it with your eye, I did not break, Gioé repeated to me a second time ‘Go‘and I did not, the third time he tells me it again’Go‘and there I have squeezed the remote controlThat’s when Corbo hears one roar: “My feeling is that of plane, came completely from the earth. Then fall back violently into what was left of the asphalt and continue to hear these great sounds of boulders, boulder it fell on us, ”he explains. Then he tells of moments immediately after the explosion: “It the crater is indescribable, a huge volcano opened up and it was impossible to see the end. I remember a ghostly moon mood, everything seemed except a highway ”.

“Falcone was still alive” – Corbo and the two other colleagues who traveled with him are injured, but immediately get out of the car for the purpose of protecting Falcone from a possible other attack. “We all bleed, sore. I had a broken nose so I was bleeding. At least we arm ourselves, each as we could. I remember Capuzza getting out of the car and holds the gun with a broken arm. “Under these conditions, the three policemen walk towards the car Falcon, who is still alive. “We will screen around the car and see the expression in Falcone’s eyes when he was alive. He stares at us: I remember he had no blood on his face or visible traces of wounds. Falcone continues to look at us and asks for help with his eyes. But we were not able to give that help ”. After the massacre, the policeman said he had been informed of the death by Schifani, Say it And Montinaro – colleagues who occupied the procession’s first escort car – only hours later, at the hospital: “We thought they had passed by and avoided the explosion. I believed it was them who called for help. But this was not the case, and for to give us this terrible news was a nurse who simply told us: You were lucky, gods your colleagues have found very little “.

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