Eneren’s solutions on display at Klimahouse

Two thousand two hundred tons of carbon dioxide less emitted into the air. A number that relates to the last three years, which photographs the “weight” of the sustainability of One, HiRef system company, which since 2007 has developed technological, reliable, sustainable and now design air conditioners. Precursors in Italy within geothermal, the team from the Padua-based company is now responding to an exponential increase in requests for heat pumps and other products in the catalog One.

“From large complex buildings to each of our homes: our know-how allows us to intervene by analyzing the different situations with precise mathematical models, designing ad hoc solutions, with the ability to identify the best product: a service, which therefore covers the entire chain of customer needs, from idea to installation – he explains Alberto Salmistrarodaily manager of One -. Recently, we are facing a huge increase in queries: Only in the first four months of 2022 did we implement a series of interventions that are almost equivalent to the whole of 2021. A result that primarily rewards our ability to grow as we have had since. 2007, founding date of One, to date: we have been able to anticipate the questions that the market would ask us. There are also two other reasons to increase the demand for heat pumps: incentives or eco-bonuses and now the war in Ukraine with the consequent danger of energy shortages. Many people’s views change: If sustainability was previously seen as an additional element that could add value to buildings, it is now perceived as more and more essential, so much so that more and more people are wondering how they can possibly achieve “self-sufficiency”. from an energy point of view “.

One of the strengths knows One is the experience gathered in geothermal field: it is the ability to use the heat that is underground to cool or cool buildings. «We use geothermal models to use, where possible, a totally non-polluting resource, the earth’s heat – reminds Salmistraro -. Fifteen years ago, geothermal energy was little known in Italy: we were forerunners in the field, and we helped to spread a know-how that did not exist in the country before ».


From the ground to the buildings, that is. As shown by two systems made of One. The first is headquarters of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in Parma. A plant consisting of 80 100 meters of geothermal probes that use clean water: Our design expertise has enabled us to create a plant without chemical additives for antifreeze.

“The choice of an important European body such as EFSA to adopt a geothermal plant is a symptom of the awareness of the need to choose green solutions to service such effective buildings in urban areas,” recalls Salmistraro.

Geothermal energy is also at the center of the installed system H-Farm in Roncade (Treviso) one of the major training and innovation centers at European level. A large space: We have created a ring system that serves all the buildings’ thermal transformer stations. Thanks to this special solution, the correct dimensioning of the geo-exchange field is guaranteed by the presence of a single “engine” that is able to balance the energy needs of all buildings. The result was the achievement of extreme energy efficiency, far better than traditional aerothermal or fuel systems and a significant operating cost saving.


One will be present with a booth at the Klimahouse 2022, which will be built from 18 to 21 May, at the Fiera in Bolzano. «We want to bring an innovative heat pump, with a design that is able to turn it into a piece of furniture – concludes Salmistraro -. We have focused on an aspect that has not yet been considered, to create a product that does not necessarily have to be hidden, but which can increase the aesthetic value of the context in which it is placed ”.

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