Donne di Rita, the story of Tina and her daughter victim of “The Land of Fire”

Tina Zaccaria and her daughter
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The international recognition of Saint Rita since 1988, following the will of the nuns, the Augustinian fathers and the municipal administration, has been ‘Rita’s women’goes to women of all ages, relationships, nations or religions who testify to the values ​​at the root of the message of the saint of Cascia.

We meet Concetta Zaccaria, for all Tina, from Casalnuovo di Napoli, mother of ‘Terra dei Fuochi’, an area of ​​Campania sadly known for the social, environmental and health drama consumed there due to the illegal disposal of toxic waste which poisons the soil and causes casualties among the population. In 2012, Tina lost her daughter Dalia, who after battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma for a long time died at just 12 years old. Yet Tina has not given up and continues to fight in her daughter’s name, helping those facing her own struggle today.

Receives the international recognition of Saint Rita 2022 for having been able to turn the pain of the loss of her daughter Dalia into an opportunity to help others. With the association ‘Angeli Guerrieri’, he helps all the families in ‘Terra dei Fuochi’, which is fighting cancer, and condemns the environmental drama that the citizens of his area are experiencing.

We ask you to explain to us what it feels like to receive Saint Rita International recognition:

“I am very honored, amazed that my personal story and indirectly that for many families in my country has reached the heart of the convent of Santa Rita. Upon first reading the email with which they informed me of the award, I thought it was a joke, then I feared I would not be worthy of this award that unites my experience with Saint Ritas. who often falter over my daily pain and so many innocent people I have known over the years. “

What relationship do you have with the saint for the impossible?

“I did not know the story of Saint Rita until the day of the email in which I began to read about her life and her works. I admired her strength and perseverance in remaining firm in the faith despite all the pain that has passed through her, and to find her strength in God to the point of becoming, even before holiness, a means of forgiveness and love ”.

Why ‘Warrior Angels’?

“The association was born on April 6, 2016; after just a few days, the facebook page was created. All decisions are made by mutual agreement between us founding members, parents of children who have died of cancer. We decided to join our pain and therefore the desire for union was born. The founding members are my husband Edoardo Scuotto and I, Loredana Barrisciano, Ciro Lucciola, Nicola Coppola, Ida Pariante and Giulia Angelini.

There are also 30 other members and volunteers who support the initiatives and help us above all in the ‘hunting sadness’ missions and in the newspapers dedicated to cancer hospitals. The name of the association ‘Angeli guerrieri’ was born out of two considerations: that our children were angels on earth who had to fight an unjust war and did so with the only weapon in their possession: love and confidence in life. After their death, they had to continue to fight through our hands and our works to demonstrate and tell what happened and is happening in our countries ”.

What is the association’s activity?

“The association is committed to supporting parents of children with cancer; in particular, we support them with monthly contributions to help these families move outside the region when there is no financial opportunity. We try to make children’s wishes come true, we arrange trips out of town for the whole family to try to reconcile, because unfortunately the disease divides, we bring smiles to the wards of pediatric cancer hospitals, arrange meetings with hairdressers and beauticians who spoils mothers, making them, I cut, fold and change the look, of course for free and with many volunteers playing with the kids. “

10 years after the death of your daughter Dalia, what is the situation in ‘The Land of Fire’?

“Unfortunately, the situation in ‘Terra dei Fuochi’ has remained the same in terms of recycling, toxic fires and all that the illegal industrial waste disposal system entails, but above all it has deteriorated significantly in terms of health care of the covid emergency with further delays in diagnosis and poor quality of care for

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