The impacts of the artistic trends of 2022: from the pandemic to the return to the past

If it is true that in order to decorate the interior of the house, we draw inspiration from works of art, it is also true that art is again influenced by our daily lives. This relationship between mutual nourishment is actually evident in the artistic trends of 2022.

The time we spent indoors during the pandemic marked a breaking point that still pollutes our minds. The art we would like to have at home, therefore, sees trends that are primarily about travel, return to the past, and bright colors. It is not decorative objects that only serve to make an environment more beautiful, but the direction we are moving in is increasingly evocation, of transport towards a world we would like to experience.

Here then are the main artistic trends in 2022 for decorative arts and interior design, and from what influences they have arisen.

The search for the past: the return to the 70s.

A mind stuck in a dark period like the pandemic tends to move toward the memories of the past. In fact, it is not difficult to understand why the design of the 70s is one of the most recognizable trends in 2022. But why this particular period? The 70s were a decade marked by freedom, struggle for its ideals and strong creativity.

The visual impact of these years was bright colors, psychedelic patterns, large flowers or geometric shapes. Looking at a painting marked by these inspirations means going back to the era where everything was in evolution, an evolution that has been transformed and is seen by the modern observer as a certainty.

The cheerfulness of the colors is then able to create a more sparkling environment and completely change the sensations you feel when you are in a room. In fact, we are not just talking about paintings, but above all about wallpapers, fabrics, rugs and furniture with retro flavors.

Towards the evocation of abstractionism.

The poorly defined forms of abstract paintings make the viewer imagine something that does not exist rationally and that may not be the same for everyone. They therefore stimulate the imagination and have a strong evocative power. If they in large dimensions are also quite immersive to live. Looking at them interrupts the silence of the mind and makes the environment more pleasant.

The variety on the market offers the most different types, hand-painted and not, which welcome all kinds of color shades. The search for the emotions evoked by art therefore also goes through abstract paintings, seemingly simple decorations, which, however, can always contain different and new inspirations.

The influences from the artistic trends of 2022: from the pandemic to the return to the past

Artistic trends: the theme of travel.

At the heart of the artistic trends of 2022, there is also the theme of travel. Living a period of his life without fully enjoying his freedom makes the mind go far. We have spent much of the pandemic looking at images from previous travels, and we are increasingly trying to regain that sense of exploration that only other places can make us feel. Even the artists therefore felt this need because travel is one of the main trends that is declining in all sectors of home decor.

From everyday objects, to paintings, up to wall decorations. The colors are those reminiscent of nature and the earth, and the use of materials such as raw marble, wood and stone is consistently preferred. The motifs also depict natural scenes, animals or plants. These objects become a pretext for the mind to return to already known worlds or to imagine those that are not yet known.

The harmony of curved lines.

When you live outside in a situation of chaos and insecurity, you seek peace at home. A peace given not only by human relations, but also by the environment one lives in. For this reason, the interior design from 2022 favors curved and harmonious lines to the detriment of geometric.

The vases are rounded and tubular, the tables rest on large ovals or circles and the profiles of the seats resemble waves. The design again realizes in a visual and material way the inner need of everyday life to create an object that is not only beautiful, but also manages to be functional for the well-being of the mind.

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