Spazio Quattro, good food meets art and design

This is the story of a passion. In fact, more passions. A passion between her and him, a passion for work, a passion for knowledge and taste, for art in the broadest sense and for creativity. She’s Ornella Laneri. Successful businesswoman in a world of hospitality and art. He’s Saverio Piazza. Cook with 40 years of experience in the restaurant industry. One day they decide to throw their hearts over the obstacle. And to do this, they choose the coldest month of the year: December. Harsh weather but warm hearts. And here it is the passion that returns. Thus, the “creature” of Ornella and Saverio was born. They will call it Space. In the adventure, however, they decide to also involve their children Michele and Carolina.

“Old generation – says Ornella – and new on the way forward. An evolutionary exchange of ideas and perspectives ». And then the simple “Space” becomes “Space 4”. And it’s not a restaurant. Saverio Piazza explains why. “The project – he says – is the result of a vision of four minds, with the aim of uniting several generations, one with a wealth of experience and expertise (exactly Ornella and I), the other more” fresh “than it adds value. a vision projected towards the hospitality of the future, namely Carolina (zeta generation, a degree in marketing and communication and partner at Carbonio Publishing), responsible for media communication, and Michele (generation Y sound artist with a master’s degree at Goldsmiths University London), which takes good care of the reception of the guests “.

Location? It could be nothing but Civita. One of the oldest, most charming and picturesque districts of Catania. Spazio 4 proposes a catering concept based on experience, research and passion for Chef Saverio’s territory.
“Mediterranean cuisine that follows the seasons – adds Carolina – a vision of sustainable business that cares about and respects the environment, supports small producers and finds its essence in the study of ingredients”.
Here, the dining experience meets art and design in a welcoming and inclusive environment, suggests a journey that wants to involve all the senses in a discreet but careful way.
Ornella says of the mission: “The idea behind the project is that some points, such as the protection of the environment, the quality of life and the growth of society, which previously had no enriching value, are now becoming active parts of the thoughts and actions of Spazio 4”.

Michele intervenes: “The menu brings together many experiences and follows the rhythm of naturethe room is modern and wants to highlight ancient values ​​and tastes, because sitting at the table is a perfect equation where many elements find harmony ».
«In short – is Saverio – Spazio 4 presents itself as an innovative and green structure. It is a completely plastic-free place, and we use products designed according to a circular economy concept. Do you think that there is an agreement with suppliers to guarantee optimization of the tools used ». And Ornella strengthens: “Spazio 4 is the result of an entrepreneurial mindset open to innovation with suggestions for dishes made according to a polluted and socially responsible tradition of deliberate drinking, thanks to important collaborations such as the international bartender Luca Picchi, the king of Negroni and FIS, the Italian Sommelier Foundation.
Carolina and Michele are in no doubt: “Our main course is the plum in burrata which fully embodies our thinking, a “signature” dish that retains its own personality as it changes with the changing seasons ».
But what is it that must never be missing in Spazio 4? For the “old” “the smile which gives a feeling of welcome”; for the “young” “the propensity for change that opens up a world of possibilities”.


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