Metrocity supports Locride’s candidacy for “Italian Capital of Culture for 2025”

The Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria will support the candidacy of Locride as “Italian Capital of Culture for the Year 2025”. This is what the Metropolitan Council unanimously decided, and collected input from the municipalities and the “Terre Locridee” LAG. The proposal will now be considered by the Ministry of Culture and the Commission of Experts, which have already appointed Bergamo-Brescia for 2023 and Pesaro for 2024.

“It will be a unique and probably irreversible opportunity to show the world life and cultural development in one of the most fascinating places rich in history and traditions throughout the country. It represents a redemption for the district and for a ruling class, intends to pursue policies in a different way “. Thus, the acting mayor, Carmelo Versace, at the height of a debate in which the Leonida Repaci classroom discussed two other items on the agenda regarding the recognition of some off-balance sheet debts, the result of executive judgments and on interventions in maintenance on the Siderno complex by the State Professional Institute of Hotel Services “Dea Persephone”.

However, the session focused above all on the new growth opportunity that is of interest to the ionic area. At this point, the Delegate Cultural Councilor, Filippo Quartuccio, recalled the commitment of Gal “Terre Locridee”, which for some time “started a merger process that has already formally involved 31 municipalities out of the 42 that insist in the affected area, and many others may soon join.

“The goal proposed by Locride’s candidacy,” he explained, “is precisely to encourage an act of social engagement capable of sensitizing communities and promoting initiatives that place the territory at the center of a cultural process focused on restoring historic sites. memory., on innovation and on strengthening diversity “.

Concepts well exemplified by Quartuccio, who added: “Locride’s territory also includes Aspromonte, an emblem of wild and unpolluted nature, and boasts a heritage as rich and varied as the most unknown, where the heritage is still visible and undisputed. of the ancient Greeks “.

A similar opportunity therefore becomes even more important if we consider how the pandemic in recent years has caused a dramatic economic crisis around the world, with even more serious consequences for all the small places that always find their main source of livelihood from small entrepreneurial activities “.

“The process aimed at Locride’s candidacy as the Italian Capital of Culture – added the CEO – is long and difficult and requires a strong commitment from all the institutions and the capital, Reggio Calabria, which, as a large regional body, is able to act as a driving force for all. “Any appointment – concluded Filippo Quartuccio – can bring enormous benefits in terms of attractiveness, social, economic and cultural development both during the event year and in subsequent years”.

Councilor Domenico Mantegna spoke of a “real metropolitan miracle”, given the short time to give the details to the ministry, while Councilor Giuseppe Giordano described “a metropolitan city which in its DNA carries cultural themes so much that it boasts of all conditions. to achieve this important goal “.

Director Giuseppe Sera then emphasized “the proposed method, based on listening to the areas, to promote Locride’s candidacy” and congratulated the CEO Quartuccio, the acting mayor Versace and the bureaucratic apparatus of ‘The Body, for having’ shown great institutional maturity “Then the director Rudi Lizzi, who highlighted” the concrete answers given to the municipalities and “Terre Locridee” LAG “.

Finally, Director Giovanni Latella “relaunched an initiative aimed at defeating prejudice and relaunching, even after 2025 and regardless of the outcome of the candidacy, the image, the role and the socio-economic structure of an area that has been ill-treated for 50 years”.

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