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The “Design Day” seminar started the second day off Italy on Madisonthe Italian shopping festival on the street of luxury brands in Manhattan.

The meeting, organized in “Italy at Madison”, focused on the history of Italian design in America and on the realities that today combine tradition, innovation and sustainability, which represent beautiful country in architecture and interior design. Witnesses to these realities advocate for three companies that are very interested in the US market: Simona Gazzaniga from Poliform and Claudio Petucco of Florimboth with showrooms on Madison Avenue and Jack Cobble’s SHoP Architects.

From left to right: Alessandro Melis, Antonino Laspina, Simona Gazzaniga, Claudio Petucco, Jack Cobble and Claudio Bocchi. (Photo / Emma Pistarino)

It was the director of ITA Antonino Laspina who started the discussion, who said he was ready to recognize the success of Italian companies based on their unique creativity, which has enabled many of them to achieve a prominent role at the international level.

Antonino Laspina, Director of ITA, introduces Design Day. (Photo / Emma Pistarino)

“As a public agency – said Laspina” it is important for us to pay attention to the communication and education aspects in order to make consumers understand the excellent quality of Italian products. That’s why we’re here after him

Carlo Angelo Bocchi, Trade Commissioner in Miami, Prof Alessandro Melis from the Faculty of Architecture in New York Institute of Technology. Both reaffirmed the central role that New York has always had and continues to play in its spread made in Italy in the United States, which, however, emphasizes that other US markets also deserve the inclusion of ITA.

“2021 was one of the best years for Italian companies, which experienced a growth of 20% compared to 2019,” Bocchi explained. “This has also happened thanks to the design sector, which in a timely manner has been able to recognize the changes due to COVID and the ways in which Americans’ vision of the home has changed.”

Carlo Bocchi, Trade Commissioner in Miami. (Photo / Emma Pistarino)

The seminar itself was led by Professor Melis, who wanted to celebrate one of the best examples of Italian design and culture by telling the story of Madison Avenue.

“The route, first created in 1936, was an instant success,” Melis said. “It was like a blank canvas, painted mainly by a mix of Italian and American architects. Our designers immediately understood that creativity can be a revolutionary strategy, especially in times of crisis.”

Simona Gazzaniga, who is responsible for overseas marketing for Poliforma furniture company based in Como, focused his speech on the commitment to sustainability, which is becoming an integral part of the DNA of made in Italy.

“We put sustainability first,” he declared, “not only environmentally but also socially: we are first and foremost a human enterprise that favors the individual and society.”

La Cazzaniga focused on the great advances that the furniture industry has made in recent years, also thanks to the technological innovations recently developed in Italy. The company, which has four showrooms in the United States, produces only at factories in Brianza, uses waste to produce energy, uses wood and paper from certified forests, and creates quality products that last over time.

Florim, a manufacturer of ceramic tiles and tiles, also supports the need to create products that have a long life cycle. Focus on sustainability is also reflected in their floors thanks to carefully tracked materials, electricity from solar panels and the recycling of 100% of the water used in the production process.

For Claudio Petucco, Florim’s vice president of development, “sustainability means attention to detail, tradition and beauty”.

The whole day of work with design and luxury, which continued in the afternoon with moments of networking and other seminars, was pleasantly broken up by an elegant buffet served by Gianfranco Sorrentino’s Il Gattopardo restaurant. In the new professional rooms of “Piazza Italia”, on the other hand, in the historic building on 44th street, all the jewelery brands met, including the craftsman who sees Italy as an international expert in jewelery making and design.

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