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from ALESSIA RASTELLI, one of our correspondents in Turin

Nearly 17,000 students have been booked into the Bookstock Arena dedicated to the youngest. And there is no shortage of texts and reflections on the current war theme

There are classics for kids like them Mario Lodi, which is one hundred years after birth. And then the masterpieces explained to the younger ones, such asUlysses of Joyce indicted by Mauro Covacich in front of an audience of teenagers. But there are also the big contemporary issues: war, legality, the environmental emergency, the relationship to the digital world. It is very close Book Fair 2022 program for children: a program that takes place mainly in Bookstorethe area dedicated to them came to occupy 7,500 square meters.

The beginning is strong, exciting. A call for commitment. In the arena full of young people on the thirtieth anniversary of the Capaci massacre, at 10.30 the inauguration is left to Maria Falconethe sister of the judge killed by the mafia, author with Lara Sirignano of The legacy of a judge (Mondadori). “Do not just remember death, but deepen your study of who my brother was Giovanni Falcone. He did not want to be a hero – he testifies – but a good magistrate. The last time I saw him, he told me that it was necessary to act quickly to save democracy in our country. ” Shortly after, it’s up to Pif and Gian Carlo Caselli, in a meeting for teens dedicated to assets confiscated from the mafia, organized by Libera and the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, which supports Bookstock and for which President Francesco Profumo was on stage. “Never adapt, never get used to it, but always take a stand. Dreams change the world,” encourages Pif. And a little later, he also presents with Marco LilloLegality Agenda for the school year 2022-2023, published by PaperFirst: a project halfway between diary and interactive book, where additional content is accessed thanks to QR codes. Monday the 23rd on the exact day of Capaci’s anniversary, a meeting of Roberto Saviano, author of Only courage. Giovanni Falcone, the novel (Bompiani).

“This year – explains Maria Giulia Brizio, head of projects for schools and bookstores – is a program that the theme has pushed us to, Wild hearts, which we set out in search of visionary and brave figures. And then the reality ‘. Capaci’s Anniversary, spot on. As well as the war, over which there is no shortage of books and reflections. Today, for example, Francesco D’Adamo, Enrico Racca, Andrea Satta and Daniel Susini at 10.45 in Bookstock Arena: authors or editors of children’s titles that take place at the time of World War II, but who will also serve to discuss the current conflict in Ukraine and others going on around the world.

“In these complicated years, even veterans of the pandemic, young people need to elaborate as much as ever,” adds Brizio, very pleased with the results: “I am almost 17 thousand school students booked. A result beyond all expectations, if we consider that the show in 2021 due to Covid was held in October, and that the current edition therefore takes place in the same school year as the previous one. “In 2021, 12,000 boys were booked. And there are the ones who made an extra number, like a class from Milazzo, here even seven months ago.

Another major emergency, the environment. Not only Amitav Ghosh, Author, who has always been at the forefront of the planet, published in Italy by Neri Pozza, yesterday gave the introductory lectio by Salone on “a new paradigm for the future”. Shortly after, the author and anthropologist also moved to Bookstock, where he spoke with activists from Friday for the future Giorgio Brizio, 20, and Laura Vallaro, 21. “Show us the way” invited both them and the many young people in the Arena: “We need more creativity, new life models that provide less value for money and consumerism. My generation has failed , help us to live easier on this earth ».

Finally, light and shadows of digital. Among the initiatives on the first day, the Guarantee Authority for Children and Young People Carla Garlatti presented the amount of Geronimo Stilton
Discover the digital worldin collaboration with Piemme and intended for a project in primary and lower secondary schools on the Network’s themes. The focus in the next few days will also include robot technology, starting with titles for children such as The 15 questions. Do we all want to be robots? (il Castoro) by Pierdomenico Baccalario and Federico Taddia, with Massimo Temporelli.

Thanks to the collaboration with Arena Bookstock, there is also one of the novelties in this Salone the school library. While the university department at the fair with a booth yesterday presented the competition #illibrodellescelte, dedicated to the crucial volumes in everyone’s lives. Minister Maria Cristina Messa, a guest at Lingotto, also revealed her: Magliano’s free women by Mario Tobino (first Vallecchi edition, 1953; last Mondadori, 2016). “I think we all – he remarked – have a lot of uncertainty. Young people in particular have had it for Covid, now for war, in addition to that for climate change. Faced with this, culture is a fantastic tool for strength and growth, which must be helped and supported.

There was no speech yesterday that did not emphasize the role of the school and teachers, their civilian function. It’s the same Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, at the inauguration, he emphasized, among other things: “Teachers’ salaries must be raised. The resources are there, the work on the contract has finally started, we have to work on that. But overall, the whole country needs to be convinced that it is necessary to invest more in schools with a very long-term plan.

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