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The fourth day of the Cannes Film Festival between auteur cinema and Oscar stars. ANNE HATHAWAY presented James Grays Armageddon Time, while MARION COTILLARD late in the evening, the Montée des Marches goes up for Frere et Soeur, the play by Arnaud Desplechin in competition.

Pm TILDA SWINTON (extreme hair completely shaved and leaving a thick comb at the top) and Idris Elba made the red carpet that accompanied George Millers out of competition film Three Thousand Years of Longing, the post Mad Max seven years after Mad Max Fury Road, which was always featured in Cannes with ovations. The epic fantasy saga centers on an academic, Dr. Alithea Binnie (played by Tilda Swinton), who lives her life by clinging to logic. Everything changes when, during a conference in Istanbul, she meets Idris Elba, who plays the magical creature Djinn, a supernatural spirit who offers her three desires in exchange for her freedom. Among other things, Miller is already working on the new film, Mad Max Furiosa, a prequel to Fury Road with chess queen Anya Taylor-Joy in the lead role.

“Luckily I have a more boring life than my characters!” said Arnaud Desplechin, who once again puts the family and its trauma at the center, and tells of the total endless hatred between Alice (Marion Cotillard), a famous theater actress, and her brother Louis (Melvil Poupaud), an established writer. The two have nightmarish feelings: “At the end of the film, I had to tell Melvil that I loved him very much and that the distance and the cold I was able to put in was just something that was necessary for the film, “they said. Cotillard, Oscar winner for La vie en rose, where he played Piaf.

In competition is also passed today BOY FROM HEAVEN, the fourth feature film by the Swedish director of Egyptian origin Tarik Saleh, a political thriller set in Cairo at the University of Al-Azhar, or at the center of the power of Sunni Islam, in the most orthodox way of thinking. And out of competition we have seen (will also be released in Italy with I Wonder) MI PAIS IMAGINARIO by Patricio Guzman, the story of the great Chilean documentary filmmaker about the Santiago de Chile uprising in 2019, “for the first time non-political, non-ideological”, changing his country to promote democracy and social justice, a rebellion with images of the demonstration of 1 million people, the largest in Chile’s history, whose soul is women “representing the wrath of this country”.

JAMES GRAY the director of Armageddon Time, when he recounted the formative experiences, in Ronald Reagan’s New York 1980, ended up talking about current affairs and cinema dominated by sequels. “The market is God,” he said. “The point should be to inspire creativity. Instead, what we say is, ‘It’s a good franchise. “We were thinking of franchises from chains like McDonald’s and Burger King. Now it’s cinema. It’s up to us artists to talk about what is not. He’s going to change things,” the New York director warmed up. Its protagonist, Oscar winner Anne Hathaway, who plays a Jewish mother of Ukrainian descent, shared the source of her inspiration. “My mother-in-law inspired the best moments of my character. She was simply the greatest Jewish mother I have ever seen,” said the actress, married to actress Adam Shulman, with whom she had two children, the last of two. one and a half years – lived life as low-income families in that era. I was trying to do one thing: capture the depth of that love and that connection, and honestly I will not even try to put it into words because it is beyond and that is why I am so grateful to the cinema because it allows you to say things without words. “

Finally SCIUSCIÀ, an Oscar-worthy restoration has today landed on the Croisette for Cannes Classics, created by Cineteca di Bologna in collaboration with Martin Scorsese’s The Film Foundation. The screening was attended by William Paolo Tamburella, the producer’s nephew, with the Oscar statuette he won in 1947, the first film in the Academy’s history to win the award for best foreign film.

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