Less time at the school in Mantua The Territorial School Office cuts 32 primary teachers to unchanged staff. Confusion between principals and families Anief demands explanations

The willingness of some territorial school offices in Lombardy to cut back on teaching activities in the first cyclical schools is extended.

after the province of Cremona, where at least 30 teachers have been lost for the next school year, the province of Mantua also has the same problem. The decision causes the union Anief to shout even more scandal, which continues the protest and calls for the new director of the school office to intervene.

In recent days, the chairman of the young union in the Cremona section, Biagio Caruso, had highlighted the hard blow, as the election of the leader in charge of the Lombard USSR, author of a sudden and unjustified cancellation of the historic model of 30 hours of weekly lessons, exclusive canteen time, which has always been active in primary schools in Lombardy and can be found throughout the national territory. “This organizational graduation of 30 hours 5 days a week – explains the trade unionist Anief – is in fact the prevailing modality in the Lombard provinces, where the user and the territory need an extension of the educational offer, which includes the possibility of taking advantage of the canteen and afternoon return. instead, an educational offer of only 27 hours was made, and thus also denied the will of the teaching staff ”.

The institutions including the Mantua area have therefore suffered the same fate as those in Cremona with the same consequences and a new unexpected wave of losers placed among the teachers operating in that education cycle: for the next school year there was, in fact, a drop 32 places in the workforce with right in unchanged classes. “Immediate and strong,” explains Caruso, “is the dismay that immediately swept between staff and school leaders in the face of an unannounced and incomprehensible change. Also because from a comparative study of the workforce, it was found that the unwelcome slimming treatment did not affect other Lombard provinces, such as Bergamo and Lodi for example.

However, the unpleasant surprises do not end here: the decree on reporting the assigned primary school staff was actually published three weeks late, so the requests for transfer of the lost teachers due to the drop in weekly hours were carried out without guaranteeing the said teachers the 5 days, which is permitted for the submission of the application, as required in Art. 19 c.5 of the CCNL signed on 27 January and without the possibility of making a sensible choice in the attempt to identify the best options, also through any trade union support.

“Blindfolded and deported, without any guarantee and despite transparency,” comments Mantua provincial president Fabio Belmonte, who immediately asked for clarification from school leaders. It should be added that the sharp delay in the publication of the staff, obtained by the insistence of Anief Cremona Syndicate only on 6 May 2022, also led to serious errors in the communication of the number of placed losers with consequent forwarding of transfer inquiries from teachers who subsequently did not result in dismissal.

On the occasion of the union’s report on the Ata staff by law, the head of the UST in charge stated that he had brought the staff in the primary schools back to 27 hours, also on the recommendation of the director of the regional school office and that he had expanded with the resources available. obtained from the hours removed in the first cycle, the staff of the high school of the second degree. This wish, however, was not given explicitly to the school leaders of the two provinces involved, who found themselves with reduced numbers, lost teachers and with many questions to which, as far as the young Anief association is aware, no answer was given.

“Nevertheless, the operating model” up to 30 hours “is one of the four options set out in Decree 89/2009, it is explained on the page dedicated to the Ministry of Education’s primary school rules and reported in the registration circular, based on which parents make the choice about which school they want to enroll their children in – remembers the trade unionist Anief – The training offer plan for each school is actually available at ‘Scuola in Chiaro’, which unequivocally divides the offer at each school complex based on the 4 models provided by the standard: 24 hours a week , 27 hours, up to 30, 40. It is acceptable that a desk operation is carried out that does not take into account the schools’ educational offerings, that it is contemptuous of the choice the parents made at the time of registration, and ignores the area’s history and needs? the role of school leaders in all this? Will they be forced to let the academic boards reshape the Education Offer and ask the Department Councils to cut three hours from the weekly schedule? Will there be fewer returns in the afternoon? What parts of the curriculum will you have to give up? What teachings will be affected? Will there be a drop in project proposals? “.

According to the two provincial presidents Anief, the 30 hours have always represented a necessary form of organization for many educational institutions, also because the full-time operation, which guarantees 40 hours per week including canteen, has always been approved with extreme frugality for reasons. related to staff shortages. “The staff should be increased and all the schools that worked 30 hours should be recognized full time when they request it, or at least avoid degrading the offer by saving on peripheral realities – say the trade unionists -. It is paradoxical that the ministry fills its mouth by praising justice and encouraging the fight against school dropouts and then allowing such a slaughter, precisely in a historic moment where in many provinces, such as Bergamo, there is a decline in classes due to the decline in the birth rate with a clear reduction in employment opportunities. Cremona and Mantua could have welcomed redundant teachers from neighboring areas, but despite being spared from the demographic collapse, they will suffer from an unfair migration ”.

The primary school places that went up in smoke due to the lack of foresight in this territorial management exceed 65 units and will join the over 70 places not allocated in Bergamo for the urgent birth rate and all those who have become redundant in the provinces, which unfortunately are experiencing the same contraction of from Bergamo. It seems clear that the predictable indication of Ministerial Circular 14603 of 12 April 2022 has remained a dead letter, containing indications of the staff for the school year 22-23, which warns: “Of course, the staff resources should be used primarily for the maintenance of the schedule models that are in place in the school to ensure the continuity of the schedule for the lessons followed in the previous year for all students “.

Again, Anief demands clarity and awaits answers. Meanwhile, after receiving news of the current scenario through the press, local authorities are organizing a delegation that will in all likelihood ask for a comparison in order to analyze the territorial vision regarding the provision of the first training cycle.

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