Vimercate, the former municipal kindergarten reopens: here are the new offers for children and parents of the Giro Giro Tondo

Vimercate. Reopensformer municipal kindergarten Girotondo but above all part a renovation project of the structure and services for children to close with the problems of recent years and return to provide dozens of Vimercate families with a reference point for their children from 0 to 6 years. And the first news is in the name that has now become Ring around the rosehence a name almost equal to the historical of municipal structure of via XXV April but broader than hints a increased range of activities.

Because the new project aims to create one center for services for children and familiesso you do not just have to restart the business nursery with 60 seats for the 0-3 year interval interrupted from September 2020 (where a trial is open with the former leaders), but also to activate new services as a daytime recreation center continuing education for the age group 3-6 yearsa center for families with helpdesk for listening, guidance, training and support for parents and perform an activity of territorial pedagogical coordination in contact with local health and social organizations, associations and cultural and commercial realities in Vimercatesi.

The new Giro giro tondo project is the result of cooperation between the Municipality and Gaia onlusthe social cooperative that has been active in Vimercate for 30 years in the field of educational services and which was awarded the prize last November notice to management of the municipal structure of via XXV April. In September, with the start of next school yearwill be able to restart the nursery offer that has been missing for 2 years and which guarantees up to 60 places and then gradually all other additional offers for the 0-6 year interval and parents are activated.

The concession to Gaia of the rooms in via XXV April has one duration of 5 years and the management and training project has been carried out in partnership between the municipal offices for Education and Social Administration and the social cooperative for activities and services from kl. value of 500,000 euros per yearwith the town hall, which in addition to providing the building for free on loan, makes a direct contribution of 100,000 euros annually to “innovative services” as well as coverage of indirect expenses such as garden maintenance.

In the next few years, they are also in anticipation investments for redevelopment construction and civil engineering of the building in via XXV April and the municipal administration has submitted a request to get 1.17 million euros from Pnrr funds intended for childcare projects: If the municipality receives funding from NRP, it will carry out the asylum’s adaptation work by 2024 according to a project that does not foresee interruption of the activities and services performed by the Gaia cooperative.

presentation Giro round trip Vimercate

The representatives of the municipality and the Gaia cooperative that carried out the Giro giro tondo project: Councilor Maria Teresa Foà second from left, Maria Gaudio first right

“The new Giro giro tondo will be one multifunctional center for families and not just a nursery – he explains Maria Teresa FoàCouncilor for Personal Care – It will offer the services needed for care and sociocultural promotion of the range of children between 0 and 6 years, together with innovative proposals to support parenthood “.

For the Gaia cooperative, which in Vimercate has already been present for years with the kindergarten Altrospazio and the Spazio Aperto education services, the launch of the new Giro giro tondo “is also a way to celebrate our 30 years of activity – comments the representative of the cooperative Maria Gaudio – with a complex project that uses all our experience and that can stay a model. In the past, we have always collaborated with the kindergarten Girotondo, and after the sudden closure, which left almost 70 families without its services, there was on our side the promise of returning such an important structure to the territory. We are ready to return 60 places to Vimercate in 0-3 years, but also a new space, not only to leave the children when their parents are at work, but also with many more innovations ”.

The project and the offer of services from the new center for children and the Giro Giro Tondo family will be presented in a public meeting Friday May, 20 17.30 in the auditorium of the civic library (piazza Unità d’Italia, 2 / G) with free admission.

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