The competencies of the future in offers for children 0-6 years

National and international experts for comparison Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of May

The competencies of the future in offers for children 0-6 yearsREGGIO EMILIA – It will be held entirely online, Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of May, in Italian and English fourteenth edition ofPossible roads“, that international conference for innovation and research in services for boys and girls in the age group 0-6 years, arranged by Bambini srlan international reference point for the pre-teen education and training systemin collaboration with the social pedagogical area Coopseliosone of the most important cooperatives in Italy in the sector of pre-school education.

Problem solving, communication and relationality, environmental sensitivity and empathy is the focus of this issue as national and international guests are invited to discuss who will share the best research and innovative experiences to build new educational pathways together.

Sabrina BonacciniDirector of the Socio-Pedagogical Technical Area of ​​Coopselios, Friday, May 13 at 5 p.m. opens the two working days with the introductory lecture “From Earth to the Moon: Cultivating Skills for the Future”, followed by the talk “Cross-cutting Skills: Are They Important for Professionals 0-6?” from Susanna Mantovani. Honorary Professor of General and Social Education at the University of Milan Bicocca, Mantovani explains “The rules in the field of education orient the school and the main educational institutions to develop non-cognitive skills, that is, the skills that lead to the individual developing positive behaviors to effectively adapt to daily challenges.“.

The theme for problem solving it will be introduced by the educator Roberta Prandi and from Giorgio Camuffofull professor of visual communication at the Faculty of Design and Art at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, who together with the atelierista Mirta Tagliati and the educator Ana Julia Rodriguezwill explain the importance for boys and girls of learning to handle and deal with unexpected situations right from kindergarten: “In a world that tends towards homologation, where information moves fast and fills different communication channels every minute, it is our duty to train and train ourselves in a critical reading of reality.”Emphasizes Roberta Prandi.

The experiences of communication and relationality in the nursery and kindergarten between adults and children will be illustrated by Ada Cigalapsychologist and associate professor of developmental and educational psychology at the University of Parma, and of educators Mariaelena Bega And Alessandra Caprari which emphasizes: “i Infant centers and kindergartens, for children and families, are social and societal contexts, living spaces where common meanings can be built and values ​​that must be developed through good relations between children and adults.“.

The theme regarding environmental sensitivity and empathy will be elaborated by Danilo Casertanoco-founder of Asilo nel Bosco, of the educator Federica Marani and the educator Vania Tagliaviniwhich will explain how to promote and cultivate a new ecological awareness in children and make green education complementary in daily teaching. “to guide future generations towards an eco-sustainable approach to lifestyle, consumption and nature that is able to combine human well-being with environmental sustainability“.

The intervention of the sociologist Chiara SaracenoCoordinator of the Alliance for Childhood, entitled “The Crucial Importance of Early Educational Experience”, concludes the plenary session on the first working day at 20.00.

Saturday, May 14th in-depth groups will be formed and from 10.30 to 12.30 the main innovative projects will be presented, related to the themes proposed by the conference, selected from the previous Call for project.

At the Fourteenth Edition of the International Conference “Possible roads“More than 400 participants have already registered. The price for participation in the two days is € 37.00.

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The initiative “Possible roads“Born in 2007 on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Coopselios Social Cooperative to become an annual event aimed at enhancing and highlighting the impact of the training activity. Since the first edition, the conference has aimed to highlight innovation and research, carried out in the network of 70 education services managed by Coopselios, in collaboration with local authorities in 7 Italian regions and in projects active abroad. The cooperative’s social pedagogical sector has the opportunity to explore new possible educational pathways.Sensitivity to the most relevant themes in the current pedagogical debate has made this moment an opportunity for further education for educational professionals.Since 2021, Sentieri Possibili has been created in collaboration with Bambini Srl.

The Coopselios group di Reggio Emilia is one of the most important non-profit organizations in Italy in the early childhood education sector and in the social health sector. It designs, manages and creates bespoke services for institutions, government agencies and families. With over 3,500 employees and around 250 administered services, it is present abroad with important consulting and direct management projects in preschool education.

The Group’s focus goes beyond economic growth and extends to the systematic improvement of the working conditions of its workers, the implementation of sustainable development policies and the provision of services and skills that are always in line with the actual needs of customers and families. The production value in 2020 is 112 million euros.

Children srl was born from the meeting between Spaggiari Parma SpA Group and Coopselios Group. The company wants to be a reference point for the pre-youth education and training system, both nationally and internationally, with a special focus on technological innovation, creative and divergent thinking, participation and sharing processes. The project is aimed at training professionals, operators and families with the aim of nurturing knowledge and training skills by proposing global solutions through consolidated tools and innovative technological channels. With the intention of its creators, it intends to become a valuable reference point for the scientific study and training of the whole community of Reggio teachers. Spaggiari Parma Group has been working in the school world since 1926 and has always followed its development and marked its identity in the search for a balance between tradition and innovation. In recent years, companies that have been able to radically innovate all sectors of the school have been brought together in a single group, and lasting partnerships have been created with qualified actors in the reference world. The path taken by Bambini Srl completes Coopselios’ social enterprise project and moves towards diversifying the activities promoted by the cooperative, in order to integrate the traditional management of services with the development of an entrepreneurship of knowledge. The strategy, conceived as a whole, aims to improve the actions and thoughts of those who work with education services every day, and transform them into transferable and replicable content.

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