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Music and entertainment, all in the name of peace and solidarity. The colors of peace that also become the keys to a piano. “Note di pace” is the title of the initiative organized by the Cultural School of Music “Piano Solo” with a consortium of entrepreneurs, characterized by a benefit concert scheduled for Sunday, May 22 at. 21 at Morlacchi Theater in Perugia. The idea was born from the meeting between some local companies with the musician Alessandro Deledda, director and founder of the school, who immediately enthusiastically shared the initiative, which also achieved protection of the municipality of Perugia.

Peace and music The details of the musical solidarity event were announced during the press conference held on Wednesday 11 May in the Palazzo della Penna in Perugia, in the presence of organizers, entrepreneurs and institutional representatives such as the Cultural Councilor of Perugia Municipality Leonardo Varasano: “Peace – said he thanked the organizers and the supporters – are built with concrete gestures and the important ones belong to others, but it is also built with symbols and music that can play a role in this process because it has a deep social value.Musicians, teachers, institutions and entrepreneurs will go together in Morlacchi to express a desire for peace ”.

Fundraiser During the presentation, it was first and foremost remembered that the profits will be entirely allocated to the AGD (Association of Children and Youth with Diabetes) in support of the pediatric ward of Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital in Perugia and Ukrainian children who are victims of war . and suffers from pediatric pathologies. “For 40 years – remembered President Angela Lepri of the AGD – we have acted on the territory, and also in this case we will do our part by directing our attention to the children involved in a terrible war and connecting them with peace and music that saves from decay “. “Thanks to this initiative – added the director of the pediatric clinic Alberto Verrotti – we will be able to use the funds raised and as needed and make good use of them. A financial support that becomes concrete help.”

The young people are the main characters The initiative is animated by the musician Deledda’s desire, as he himself explained, to send a concrete signal of solidarity through his students, because “an artist must have the gift of empathy, he must perceive the other’s suffering”. “For this, I thank the entrepreneurs who shared this feeling of me and the opportunity they gave us,” Deledda stressed, then highlighting the social and also historical value of the event. And the evening will actually see pop rock bands, the numerous and fantastic junior band Piano Solo, the contemporary music project Cantieri & Mestieri and the jazz and violin ensembles, all from the ensemble music workshops, among the main characters on stage. of the “Piano Solo” Music School, based in Perugia and very active for years, so much so that it has trained many musicians with teachers with a high artistic profile. In all, about 50 young people will take to the stage, confessing to director Deledda: “We are lucky to be making music at the moment and in a theater like Morlacchi, while others can not because they are now committed to their freedom.” .

Guests Enzo Decaro (actor, screenwriter and Neapolitan cabaret artist, a famous face in cinema and theater) and Antonio Onorato (Neapolitan composer and jazz guitarist, collaborator of Pino Daniele’s own collaborator) are also expected with “Sulo pe ‘parlà – The poetics of Pino Daniele”) to address the theme of the feeling of peace in the music of the great singer-songwriter between tones and words. Another duo, composed by Paolo Micheli & Silvio D’Alessandro, will be the protagonist in yet another interesting moment between words and music for peace. Two “institutions” lent to music on the Morlacchi stage: Paolo Micheli, judge and president of the criminal section of the Perugia Court of Appeal, and psychiatrist Silvio D’Alessandro in a moment of unpublished narration and songwriting.

Entrepreneurs “Even today – said Dimitrios Batalogiannis for Dmix International, the first of the companies that mobilized to organize the event – a hospital with disabled children in Ukraine was bombed. The effects of the war on sick children are devastating. This situation struck me strongly, and therefore, we, along with other local entrepreneurs, thought of doing something.The availability of the Piano School and its leader was crucial at the time for us to find ourselves together and rediscover an authentic sense of humanity. “, which represents the numerous local entrepreneurs involved:” We support Ukrainian children who have been parked elsewhere, along with their dreams and desires, for choices that do not depend on them. Children are our future and so we can give them the opportunity to be healed and be able to return to pursuing their dreams. “Nicola Modugno, Director of ITS Umbria Academy also explained the reasons for joining the initiative:” Our academy is designed to give young people a future and therefore we joined the invitation received and thought that to offer them this they need not only digital skills and knowledge of technology but also solidarity and art. “

Info and tickets The tip of the evening will be Stefano Pozzovivo, Radio Subasio’s unmistakable speaker. In addition to the artistic direction of Alessandro Deledda, with contributions from all staff at “Piano Solo” School, the team is also completed by Andrea Maffei (video installations associated with each exhibition), Studio Viceversa (graphics) and Starten association, which with the School for a long time has shared projects focusing on the relationship between music and young people. In the evening, it is possible to buy tickets for 15 euros directly by going to the school office (afternoon 15-19, tel. 075 6976176), or by bank transfer to IBAN IT 96T0 200803039000029418893 (causal “Donation of Peace Notes”) in the name to AGD Umbria by sending a confirmation email to [email protected], or alternatively at www.eventbrite.it (with additional pre-sale rights). For info and contacts: www.scuolamusicapianosolo.it; tel. 3703466806.

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