We’ve always paid, but now they’re sending us off

The postponements continue in Sesto San Giovanni: A fate befell from 2019 to today (and with a halt to the pandemic in between) over 600 families.

The tenants’ association in Sesto San Giovanni in front of Mohamed Alaa’s house

Mohamed Alaa arrived in Italy twenty years ago from Alexandria, Egypt. He worked as a porter, house painter, bricklayer and laborer until the cooperative he depended on closed most contracts due to lack of work. Since 2012, he has lived with his wife and two children aged 10 and 9 in a 38 square meter two bedroom apartment in Sesto San Giovanni. But still too little.

Facts and postponements

On Wednesday morning, May 11, the eviction of the Alaa family, who live in a condominium in Via Levi, with a single owner, had to be notified. But it was not the latter who decided to terminate the contract two years before the deadline. “The previous councils – explains Gianluigi Montalto, lawyer from Sesto San Giovanni Tenants Union – had made an agreement with various private individuals to sublet apartments to families who had not managed to provide public housing. In 2017, with the arrival of the administration of Roberto Di Stefano (formerly Forza Italia, now Lega, ed.), The system of subleases was deliberately canceled, not only – Montalto continues – about seventy families, mainly foreigners, but also Italians married to foreigners, were excluded from the ranking of public housing because they were asked for irreparable documents from their countries of origin. “It was a way – adds M5’s Regional Councilor Massimo De Rosa, present at the demonstration organized in front of the condominium – to implement a discriminatory policy towards immigrants and the poorer populations “.

No bids, “crazy spending”

That is not the opinion of the councilor of the Sesto San Giovanni house, Claudio D’Amico, whom Fanpage.it contacted by telephone: “We had two contracts: one with the property, which expired in 2020, and the other with the tenant, expiring at the end of 2017. The latter we have not renewed because people enter our homes through tenders, contrary to what had been done with the Alaa family.With the previous advice, this was not the case when we took office, there was actually a gap of almost 20 million, we had to declare the pre-instability, and the Court of Auditors does not let us make “superfluous” expenses. Of course, before everyone went into public housing: the housing office spent 1.4 million a year, crazy expenses’.

Mosque in Sesto, candidate for mayor Foggetta: “Everyone has the right to profess their faith”

Outside Mohamed's home, friends and activists are awaiting the bailiff's verdict

Outside Mohamed’s home, friends and activists are awaiting the bailiff’s verdict

“If you have your own house, you can settle for your house”

Now, according to D’Amico, the accounts are back in order, in all areas: “It was not clear why 80-90 percent of the applicants were foreigners, today 90 percent are Italians”. Being immigrants had definitely solved the problem of families excluded from the rankings: “The law of Lombardy – specifies D’Amico – said that if you have your own home, you can manage in your own home, so we just asked for a certificate that certifies the absence of ownership, but some foreign countries did not release it. Then the law was changed and now ISEE is enough, but I do not think it is correct, because ISEE is only a self-certification, it can be cheated “.” On this provision – reminds Montalto on – the court in Milan and the court in Monza have sentenced the municipality of Sesto San Giovanni to compensate the families involved and reinstate them in the rankings “. as some have fortunately found other homes in the meantime – as of this year have been put back on the list for public housing, but none of them have yet been assigned housing.

“In 4 in 38 square meters. And now they’re sending us away “

In this context, the story of Mohamed crosses, prejudiced both by the expiration of the subleases and by the request for the document: “When I moved to this house – he says – I had a six-month-old baby and my wife and I was told that it was instead a temporary solution.Instead the months have become years and meanwhile my second child is also born: we all four sleep in the same room, in addition there is a bathroom and a small living room with kitchen and sofa, they are 38 square meters. “. But the problem was “only” there: “After I have always paid and not been listened to in the request for a more suitable accommodation, they also drive me out of here and only recently have I been able to get in the rankings again. to public housing. They told me I had to find another place to ‘return to my country’. “Comments, to which Commissioner D’Amico responds: 420 euros – given by the municipality. Of course they look good there. I would like to know who can keep a house for 50 euros a month. For Alaa, the citizens of Sesto have spent, from 2018 until today, over 20 thousand euros. They should shake hands and thank everyone who passes by! We are not in the (former) Soviet Union, where the right to housing was an obligation because there was no private property ”.

Citizens and politicians protested in front of the apartment building in via Levi

Citizens and politicians protested in front of the apartment building in via Levi

The property had no issues with the tenants

Mohamed received the announcement between 2018 and 2019, but after the formalization in court, Covid had caused the government to suspend the postponement processes for almost two years. And then we come to 2021, at the gate of the administrative elections. “In the last period, of course, they are trying to make it less bad – says De Rosa, who supports the center-left candidate Michele Forgetta (Italian left) – for this reason they are postponing the postponements until September after the election.” . The eviction, which was to be enforced from 11 May, was postponed until 14 September, also thanks to the mediation of the property, who would like to clarify: “We have not and have never had any problems with these tenants, the Decision is imposed on us by the Municipality: Without a contract we can not keep them here, but we are aware of the difficulty that the family is in, so we do everything to ease it ”.

Uselli: “Tactics to distract from inadequacies”

Present on the morning of the announcement of the postponement was also Michele Uselli, Regional Councilor for + Europe / Radicali and candidate on the list “Sixth Liberals and Democrats” in support of Massimiliano Rosignoli Mayor: “The current mayor Di Stefano benefits enormously from these episodes because it distracts citizens from the serious inadequacies of its action in governing the territory.In recent years it has incited and provoked a war between the poor, meanwhile nothing has been done to improve the quality of social and health services ”.

Mohamed encouraged by a friend that day who was expected to be notified of the postponement

Mohamed encouraged by a friend that day who was expected to be notified of the postponement

“I do not know what to do”

But there is a fact, beyond politics and beyond the municipal budget: There are girls and boys, pregnant women, the elderly and people with health problems who in the coming months risk the same fate as the 667 families who have been thrown out in Sesto since 2019 to date (of which, however, we only remind some of the Municipality’s intervention). Among them is Hasna, with her three-year-old daughter and the little one not yet born. And the comment, his and Mohamed’s, is just one: “I do not know what to do”.

Candidate for mayor Foggetta: Here are the effects of “the Italians first”

The center-left mayoral candidate of Sesto San Giovanni Michele Foggetta commented on the situation, saying that “we tried in every way, with the cry of ‘Italians first’, to keep families of foreign origin out of municipal tenders by requesting documents, these families could not have because they came from states where that type of documentation did not exist “. Now, “for these discriminations, the municipality has seen a lawsuit brought by families supported by the Union of Tenants, and the municipality of Sesto San Giovanni had to pay over 40,000 euros in legal costs”. Foggetta then added that “Sesto San Giovanni has a long tradition of welcome and hospitality” and promised that in the event of an election “we will therefore do everything to ensure that all the apartments in the municipal public heritage are designated and we will work to ensure that Aler does the same, we will then ask the properties that will be built in the new district of the abandoned areas to maintain a percentage that takes into account families with financial difficulties “.

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