The new director of Paestum Tiziana D’Angelo

Milanese archaeologist born in 1983, she has a remarkable cursus honorum, including prestigious studies, field experience and roles in various international museums: the plan now is to make Paestum and Velia grow and connect them with sustainable tourism

Tiziana D’Angelo in the Temple of Neptune

First working day of the new director of The archeological park Paestum and Veliathe archaeologist Tiziana D’Angelo. Selected on an international shortlist in January, DAngelo will lead the two Magna Graecia sites in the province of Salerno for the next four years. I am excited to be part of a unique work team and a vibrant community from which I have received aextremely warm welcome, ”Announced the new director. “The criticalities that have arisen due toThe last two years of health emergencies have been handled and resolved very well and the park is ready for a new growth phase. With this energy and motivation, we will immediately put ourselves to the testis working on planning an innovative program for the protection of finds and monuments, launching new research projects and implementing realization and communication strategies that make the sites Paestum and Velia increasingly accessible and inclusiveD’Angelo, one of the youngest museum directors in the country, takes over the reins of the archeological park and succeeds Gabriel Zuchtriegel – from 2021 at the head of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii – and Massimo Osanna, Director General of Museums of the Ministry of Culture, who had taken over the management until the new appointment.

Director of the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia D'Angelo
Director of the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia Tiziana D’Angelo


The formation of DAngelo, born in Milan in 1983, is rich and prestigious: he studied and worked between l.Italy, lEngland and USA, graduated in classical and oriental antiques at Ghislieri College of Pavia, then majored in Oxford and obtained a doctorate in classical archeology at Harvard with a dissertation on the painted tombs ofSouthern Italy in classical and Hellenistic times. He has important experience in the field – he participated in excavation campaigns in Italy and Turkey -, he taught classical art and archeology atCambridge University (where she was director of classical studies at St. Edmunds College of Cambridge. And since 2018, he was professor (assistant professor) in Greek and ancient Roman art all togetherUniversity of Nottingham and worked at several international museums, such as Harvard Art Museumsthat Deutsches Archäologisches Institut of Berlin and Metropolitan Museum of Art from New York. After seventeen years of study and professional experience as an archaeologist all togetherabroad, lopportunity to work with cultural heritage in Italy and do so on a site like Paestum, to which I am strongly attached on a scientific level, is aextraordinary opportunity”, The director had stated in January. “I arrived in Paestum as a PhD student to study the magnificent painted burial plaques exhibited in the museum or stored in the depots. The following years I was fortunate to collaborate with Paestum and Velia Park on various projects under the leadership of Gabriel Zuchtriegel. Under his guidance, the park has grown a lot, and I intend to continue this virtuous path, and return to Paestum and Velia and to the reality of cultural heritage in general, at least part of what they have given me in all these year“.


What points does the new director’s program revolve around? The plans for the coming months and years identify it as a priority imprint afurther push to improve Velia in its archaeological, geo-environmental and cultural unique features and to consolidate its connection with Paestum and Cilento: To do this we will work on several fronts, fromthe use of advanced technologies for monitoringarcheological site for rebuilding and creation of new spaces and exhibition pathsfor the delimitation of travel plans of sustainable tourismAll this will be possible thanks to the valuable cooperation between local authorities, institutions and companies, which I have the opportunity to interact with profitably, but also throughexpansion of our international network“. Good luck.

– Giulia Giaume

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