The exhibition “Disney – The Art of Telling Timeless Stories” has arrived in Rome

The exhibition “Disney. The Art of Telling Timeless Stories” opened its doors in Rome, following the success achieved in Milan in recent months: started in Rome on April 15, it will continue until September 25 at the National Gallery of Ancient Art in the Palazzo Barberini to tell the number one Shahrzad of our time: Walt Disney.
This is not an exhibition dedicated to the father of the kingdom symbolized by the fairytale castle, but a journey into narrand modei of the Aesop de ‘noantri. What the exhibition tells is just the way to tell Disney, a way to tell stories to make them 100% evergreen of pop culture.
Telling timeless stories, that is, parables that continue to enchant audiences of all ages and all ages, is considered by most to be a talent, a natural gift. But it is not (only) like this: behind that gift lies an enormous amount of work on creative research, a commitment that lasts for years and is usually unknown to the public, that is, to the final actor of the magic of the narrative, one who listens to the stories, evergreen (and in this case also looking at them).

The exhibition, which opened a few days ago in the capital, tells the story of Walt Disney’s masterpieces, and traces the stories back to the ancient matrices of epic tradition: at the bottom of the Disney classics are actually myths, medieval legends and folklore. , fairy tales and the fairy tales that have been the narrative legacy of the different cultures of the world for centuries.
From these millennial traditions come the most famous stories from which the Disney films are taken, from which the exhibition presents the preparatory sketches of creative research. The latter is focused on the exploration of characters, environments and narrative plots and finally becomes the protagonists of magic. We say “finally” because many viewers have never seen them before, and thus are unable to realize the importance of these first stones that form the basis of Disney’s narrative system.
The sketches are not only exhibited, but are immersed in a path where each drawing is presented in a narrative key.

The exhibition


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“Disney. The Art of Telling Timeless Stories” was on the bill at Mudec in Milan from September 2021 to February 2022 and has now moved to Rome to enchant a new audience.

The subject of this exhibition is history, the history that is precisely intended for its source, the history of the art of storytelling.
The great innovative efforts of Disney artists were (and still are today) to bring the stories of myths, legends and folklore traditions to the cinema using various artistic tools, from hand drawing to digital animation, to capture the essence of ancient fables and revitalize them and update their universal value.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to follow the development of the whole creative process and enjoy every step behind the scenes. The visitor will be encouraged to become a narrator himself, walking through the halls of the exhibition, not only as a passive spectator of the content, but above all as a leading actor. To provide him with the “tool of the trade”, the many interactive stations and environments that evoke the scenarios of the great Disney animated masterpieces will provide the public with all the necessary tools for any great storyteller. Room after room, it will be possible to experiment with the basic structural elements to bring any narrative to life, to the point where one can experience the thrill of identifying with an animation artist through the same techniques as Disney Studios.

The exhibition is curated by the Walt Disney Animation Research Library in collaboration with Federico Fiecconi, historian and critic of comics and animated films.

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