Schneider Electric: From control rooms to servicing, the future of OEMs begins now

Stezzano (BG), May 12, 2022 – Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, presented yesterday its proposal for a Control room aimed at machine builders.

IIoT technologies and cloud platforms, combined with dedicated software and services, now enable OEMs to innovate the offer to their customers by enriching it with innovative digitally enabled features that enable them to achieve even greater operational efficiency, profit and sustainability.

The so-called “servitization” opens the door to one new concept for industrial automation where the hardware offering is accompanied by a proposal for digitally enabled services from which OEMs can retrieve new sources of revenue, increasing profitability.

With the technological solutions at our disposal, it is today possible to create a control room from which monitor the entire fleet of installed machineswith instant access to a single cloud database, which contains documents, projects, activities and all real-time information regarding each machine.

At the same time, an OEM can support its customers with remote assistance and augmented reality solutions or anticipate downtime using machine learning to set up predictive and preventive maintenance strategies that avoid costly irregularities on production lines and machine germs.

In the traditional service model, manufacturers intervene in their customers’ machines in a programmed or reactive way when a problem arises in order to be solved; he has only a few tools at his disposal, he has to find the information to analyze the problem in an often tiring way and is forced to send staff into the field even in the face of simple solution problems.

With digital, the service on the machines is changing radically, because through a single platform in the cloud, safe and efficient, it is possible to collect and use all useful information – from documentation to diagrams – and data collected in real time; and provide a remote service that is often crucial, also through the ability to guide the customer step by step in solving the simplest problems. That means quick response, efficiency, cost reduction, ”he comments Andrea Ariano, EcoStruxure Machine Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric.

But there is more: It is possible to remotely set up monitoring and intervention services that the customer buys with the machine – we are therefore talking about servicing – and create innovative solutions that focus on the customer’s specific needs and evolve over time. “The machine builder becomes a strategic partner who grows and creates new opportunities for his customer,” he adds arisk.

Time to invest, supported by the Transition 4.0 plan

During the event, it was highlighted that today we are in a particularly favorable moment for digital-based innovation initiatives, thanks to sustained 4.0 incentives and the simultaneous development of opportunities associated with PNRR resources dedicated to digitization and to the world.

The adoption of this new approach, with the creation of a control room dedicated to the installed fleet, is fully part of properties for investing in 4.0 technologies who can access the tax deduction from the Transition 4.0 plan for the benefit of both OEM and customer. In fact, the customer who buys a machine connected to a service control room can obtain a tax deduction of up to 40% of the value of the investment, and the OEM can access a benefit of up to 50% of the value of the original investment..

Enrico Annacondiaresponsible for Federmacchine Technical Groupemphasized in his speech that for many companies in the sector, starting a digitization process was an “epoch” step, from which it is now possible and necessary to make a further transformation.

According to Annacondia, it is a matter of using data more and more extensively to transform it into information capable of producing real added value not only on the material aspect of the processes but also on the intangible: to create digital services for the customer, but also new tools to innovate the activity in machine design, testing and analysis – utilization of, for example, “digital twins”.

The leader also highlighted how the digital development that is underway is in line with the evolutionary trends in customer service in the mechanical engineering sector, as evidenced by an analysis recently conducted by Federmacchine; in fact, it helps to meet the new needs that are emerging, such as personalization of the experience, transparency in communication, efficient delivery and the availability of additional services.

A complete technological proposal for the control room

Schneider Electric makes its technologies, products and services necessary for remote monitoring available to machine builders and proposes a new paradigm: the advanced control room.

It’s all about a cloud-based platform, EcoStruxure Machine Advisor, which combines digital tools and additional services that allow OEMs to develop the service for each installed machine, at any production site and in any part of the world.

The possibilities that Schneider Electric offers its customers meet the many needs of machine builders, from simple remote connection to teleassistance to more complex turnkey solutions, all with the support of specialized technicians.

Who is Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s goal is give everyone the opportunity to make the best use of energy and resources by combining progress and sustainability. This is what we define, Life Is On. Our mission is to be Digital partner for sustainability and efficiency. We drive digital transformation by integrating the world’s best processes for process and energy management, connected products from the field to the cloud, control solutions, software and services throughout the life cycle; in this way we enable the integrated management of homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructures, industries. Is the most local of global companies. We promote the adoption of open standards and the creation of partnership ecosystems that share one with us meaningful purpose and ours inclusion values and of empowerment of people.

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