“Put flowers in your cannons.” Children’s wisdom

“Houston! … her Ragusa.”
The Psychologist’s column, edited by Cesare Ammendola

A deep meaning. A Vertical Resonance Last week, not just any May, students from the Marina di Ragusa department of the S.Quasimodo Institute participated in the initiative promoted by the Mazzarelli GAS Association “Let’s put flowers in our arms”. Inspired by the title of the song from “The Giants” (1967), the pacifist message that has never faded is more relevant than ever. From kindergarten to high school, the students, led by the school teachers, created floral motifs of paper decorations and covered the cannons of “Dogana” with flowers and colors, and covered a gloomy and very windy day with light and emotion.

In a school that, like others in Ragusa, has welcomed Ukrainian children who have escaped the tragedy. A cascading school of rainbow sections and classes, with nuances viewed by horizons as continents, classes as nations, voices as Esperanto. A collective ritual between art and dream, intimacy and civilization. This too is didactic. Here, too, is the spirit of a civilization. The plastic and urban representation of a sacred liturgy of auspices. Images as new words launched by the third millennium to the ancient sea of ​​history that the digital natives do not understand. They grew up in the essential naturalness of words like “inclusion”, “tolerance”, “sharing”, “peace”, “diversity?” … Spirit of peace, unity and closeness that would cross the sea and any border, perhaps even reach the areas, Ukrainians torn apart by the conflict, as written by the school “psychopoet”, also overwhelmed by the wind and the gentle feast: “From Ragusa to Kiev with love.

In this crooked corner of Sicily, where students are many languages, the school learns the future, the flowers surrender the cannons, the wind storms the sea, the children try to make peace, the psychologist flies like sand and wonders. the big eyes of the world. “