Project for Ukrainian children held at Misericordie; Dog therapy


There priority is to bring smiles back to children’s faces. “War makes you lose your smile. Both who are the main character. Both of those who are victims. Both of them are distant spectators – he says Domenico Giani, national president of Misericordie-. It is a time when fear prevails. That uncertainties. Family dramas. The tragedies of the whole society. It is not easy to help people who are overnightwithout a bit of what they have been building for years. We often find these people in hospitals. With the health workers who find themselves in treating conflict wounds. Things there they were not seen in Europe for decades “.children

To the rescue of children

Giani continues, “there is, let’s call them, the ‘ordinary’ sick people. Why is thereand wars do not interrupt the race for health (more or less hectic) that people do every day “. More or less serious pathologies that” affect the heart when the victims are children“Scientific research has repeatedly shown” the beneficial effect of operations such as those performed on the pet, f. dog therapy in schools and hospitals“Initiatives that” contribute to tackling fear and insecurity. Especially for people with psychophysical disabilities. As ‘For a Smile onlus’ says, it does not take much. One paw is enough. Here the outstretched paw can do and give much. Mercies are aware of that The role of a pet is crucial“.Giani

Disturbed normality

L ‘Goal is to give children the heat back off normality disturbed by war. The dog therapy activities devised by “What a smileFor Ukrainian children hosted by Misericordie in the center of Tortona, Piedmont. “One paw is enoughBrings Pet Therapy to Hundreds of Small Ukrainian Refugees. For over 16 years the non-profit organization carries out national and international projects. Dedicated to children and families. Promoting special sessions of the IAA (Assisted interventions with animals) in hospitals, schools. And now it also comes to the aid of Ukrainian children rescued from war. And brought to Italy by volunteers from the National Confederation of Mercies. Therefore, the activities with the families are hosted center of Tortona (Alessandria) in Piedmont. Ukrainian children are found in two structures in northern Italy. The “Aiutiamoli aivere- Sant’Antonio” Foundation in Cattolica (50 children). And “Mater Dei” Center in Tortona (50 children).children

Pet Therapy

For a Smile’s Pet Therapy project has started in hospitals in 2017. While involvement of the schools was born two years ago. In connection with reopening after the discontinuation of Covid. The goal of For a Smile Onlus is to bring pet therapy wherever it is needed. “ONE innovative experiment. Especially useful in this confused and anxious climate where we all live. Big and small ”, emphasizes Ludovica Vanni, chairman and founding member of the non-profit organization. “In schools, the situation is critical. Many children (especially in the most fragile contexts) have problems with reintegration. And they struggle in the relationship with classmates and teachers – explains Ludovica Vanni-. We work for receive the many queries that are they come from all over Italy. And together with the schools, we are ready to receive children with our four-legged friends arriving from Ukraine. The next few weeks are also crucial for resumption activities at the hospital. We have been very attached to it for years. With pet therapy, at school and in the hospital, we help calm the minds. In addition to offering moments of leisure and emotional liberation. And to allow little movement“.children

The benefits for children

Pet therapy works on emotional-affective mechanisms. Face ad lower the level of stress related to uncertainty. To malaise. To the difficulty of relating, inserting and integrating with peers or adults. At the hospital, at school and everywhere. Pet Therapy develops confidence. The protection. The emotional liberation. The motor aspects. And it team spirit. The Pet Therapy intervention in schools works on emotional-affective mechanisms. To lower the level of stress linked to this specific period. Insertion and post-insulation. It’s about recreational activities and socialization. Through which the correct human-animal interaction is promoted. The goal of the For a smile onlus project aims to improve the quality of life and increase the well-being of children. By activating and supporting their individual growth and planning resources. And offers onedifferent experience in everyday school life.

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