Label design, to tell the personality of a wine from the label

Qhow much charm one contains wine bottle! The fragrant complexity of this product, its refined processing and its many options make it one variegated and unique product, as well as unique must necessarily be the way to convey it. Therefore, producers have always paid the necessary attention to designing the perfect label, which embodies all the values ​​of a particular wine and expresses them in an eternally current, personal, evocative key.

The world of wine brands is constantly evolving as well as trendsthe company and production and printing techniques. The consumer himself has changed: more and more people are interested in the world of wine and know it in an increasingly competent and profound way, all over the world, but first and foremost in our country, while boasting an almost endless selection of products and therefore also a fantastic aesthetic variation. The consumer, in the wide range offered by the panorama of Italian wines, is strongly influenced by the image of the wine, which must never before be updated and taken care of.

Label design, to tell the personality of a wine from the label

Donnafugata labels

They have changed, we said printing techniques. Just think of some pearl-colored, iridescent supports or made from raw materials from food waste (even from grape skins), chipping of the bottles, direct printing on glass, laser cuts … confirmation also very varied depending on the target, the measurements and the country. The pure stylistic minimalism, paired with colors with excellent print finish, it certainly makes the difference. Now the idea that a good wine must necessarily be represented by the classic blacks and golds and by strict characters seems outdated; on the contrary, the most interesting premium wine labels on the market are often based on a single color combined with a special and personal matrix (the color alone could, according to recent neuromarketing studies, determine a 50% chance of selling a product). The label becomes the first tactile experiencein impulse purchases, between customer and product.

Yet the recent steps to reach these trends have equally marked the panorama of Italian wine by entering into the collective imagination, not confining themselves to the mere illustrative function of the label, but becoming small, precious works of art. Who does not remember e.g. poetic and Mediterranean figures of Donnafugata? Bright warm colors and unmistakable lines seem to be reminiscent of the whole artistic tradition with a colorful and fragrant Sicily, just like the wines they illustrate. The style is concrete, solid, and each label is transformed into a work of art that almost transcends the wine it represents and becomes strongly symbolic and exemplary, entering the collective imagination of wine lovers.

The narrative line gradually becomes more ethereal and subtle and the lightest and most intangible line in the collection Airplane servo by Domenico Clerico dedicated to his childhood, to real and imaginative journeys, on the thread of memories and new adventures. They are always small works of art, more suggested and essential.

Cantina Tramin Label design labels, to tell the personality of a wine from the label

Cantina Tramin labels

The current Italian trend in wine labels is well incorporated by Tramin winery, which presents an essential line, a stroke in which the meaning is only hinted at without being explicit, in a call of empty and filled with the glass below. Pure minimalism, which for this very reason is full of meaning.

Also in other countries we notice the same trend, with very clean lines guilt to the very few letters on the label of Vox PopAustralian, to French Grace Vin, in which all packaging becomes a label. The designer’s task is to gather all these new trends and “pour” them, like a good wine, into a beautiful label.

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