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From crafts to gastronomic specialties, from the study of language to publishing, through art, design and writing. From bonsai’s twisted and elegant shapes to decorative ponds, from travel plans to sports that pass through wellness and personal care. A varied exhibition repertoire completed and enriched with an event program with presentations, workshops, workshops, exhibitions and conferences to get to know the world of Japanese culture up close, including: Sumi-E painting and Zen meditation with the “Bodai-Dojo” Association in Alba (CN), led by Maestro Beppe Mokuza Signoritti, workshops on bonsai care, Kintsugi art, origami workshops, Taiko drum shows, Ikebana, tea ceremony, Kamishibai and Japanese fairy tales, wabi-kusa workshops and insights into the world of koi carp.

Cremonafiere approached 2022 with great enthusiasm and we are very happy to have found the same attitude from Petsfestival and the Italian koi association with which we started this new path by combining our specific competencies – declares Roberto Biloni President of Cremonafiere -. The main purpose is to make the event a continuous agreement over the years. This approach is in line with the development plan approved last year and with the strategies already shared with both the Board of Directors and Cremona shareholders.F.who have understood the importance of proposing new activities and initiatives by relaunching with courage during this difficult period“.

The approach is also shared by Petsfestival.

We are excited about this event, because it is not just one trade fair agreement among many in a calendar that has not yet recovered from covid and with a war conflict in Route – He says Gian Domenico Palieri President of Petsfestival-. We thought of a gem with a sense of content, program and every detail to be able to present to the public, not only in the pet sector, a beautiful, interesting container for the whole family: we hope it has succeeded. Koi carp as perhaps never seen before in Italy, Japan (almost) at 360 ° and a lot of enthusiasm in a partnership with CremonaFiere and the Italian Koi Association that is growing and consolidating“.

The beating heart of the event will be Koi International Championshipthe only international event dedicated to Japanese carp in Italy, with over 150 specimens in competition of sixteen different varieties, from Italy and Europe, organized by CremonaFiere in cooperation with Pet Festival And Italian Koi Association. The event, which attracts the entire international community of koi carp professionals and enthusiasts, will involve ZNA judges Rudi Van Den Broeck (Belgium), Ronald Stam (Netherlands), Dirk de Witte (Belgium) e Ruud Besems (Netherlands) and industry experts engaged in popular events. The distribution will take place on Sunday 22 May at 13.00: category prize for first and second classified by each of the seven length classes and sixteen admitted categories, special “Best in Variety” prizes awarded to the most beautiful koi of each variety and prizes Champion: Baby, Young, Adult, Mature, Supreme, Grand and Jumbo Champion. Finally, IKA awards its own surprise prize. The main sponsor of Koi Show 2022 is Mountain Tree, a leading company in the production of steam filters and accessories.

Expectations are growing for the debut of the Italian Koi Expo at the Cremona trade show – ends Sebastiano Adami, President of IKA (Italian Koi Association) -. We are proud to bring the Koi Show back to Italy after five years of absence and to be able to present an international event. The community of professionals and enthusiasts is already responding with great enthusiasm, and with the teamwork carried out together with CremonaFiere and Petsfestival, we are laying the foundation for an annual high level dedicated to the world of koi carp.“.

Japan Show And Italian Koi Expo will be open to the public Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of May, from 10am to 7pm. Tickets to access the exhibition can already be purchased online at the link: www.japanshow.it/ticket.

More information is available on the event’s official website: www.japanshow.it.

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