Italian design and business strength: the success of AL rappresentanzes

Italian design and business strength: the success of AL rappresentanzes

What pillars is AL rappresentanze based on? Alberto Leone, CEO of the company, talks about it in this article.

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In the Italian industrial panorama is SMEs (SMEs) represent the heart of the national economy, and the automotive industry is no exception.

What makes these companies successful is their ability to follow and anticipate market needsbecause they are sleek, efficient and flexible realities, characterized by a strong personal commitment from the owners, and which have made creativity and innovation their strengths.

Community AL representations Srlwhich for almost twenty years has been involved in the production and marketing of spare parts and accessories for cars and motorcycles, is a typical example of Italian entrepreneurship. Founded in 2005 by Alberto Leone25 years in the field of representatives of spare parts for cars and motorcycles, AL rappresentanze Srl is today a dynamic and slim company, operating in the aftermarket with three brands of exclusive property: AL bil (car accessories), AL helmets (accessories and motorcycle helmets) e AL Motorcycle batteries (motorcycle batteries).

We therefore interviewed Alberto Leone, CEO of AL Representations Srl, to get to know this company from Catania better.

Yours is a company that has grown significantly over the years, what are the strengths that characterize you?
Research, innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of our philosophy, the key to our success, built also thanks to a strong focus on the market and its needs. We have always tried to provide the perfect meeting place between the quality of the materials, the design, the safety, the comfort, the practicality of the use, in the hope of becoming a reference point for all our customers.

Designed of our articles are studied at our graphic offices in Italy and represent our spearhead. We work with the aim and hope that our articles in the near future can become gods trendy goods.
For example, we have made exclusive and custom motorcycle helmets for Ferrari Club Italia, Ricam Spa and other important companies in the Italian market.

Being a manufacturer and reseller also means an important logistical commitment, how are you organized in this regard?
We have always invested in logistics because that is what enables us to provide an efficient service to the market.
In 2020, we moved to a new warehouse in 3,500 sqm in the industrial area of ​​Motta Sant ‘Anastasia (Catania), a strategic area for us because it is located a few kilometers away from Catania’s ring road and motorway junction.
With the new vacancies, we have been able to increase the goods in stock, and we have thousands of items in stock.

We have a complete computer logistics in the national territory, which enables us to manage all our organizational, managerial and strategic activities; to manage the material flows and all information about the origin of raw materials from our suppliers until the delivery of finished products to customers and to after-sales service.
For us, logistics is the science of transporting products from one place to another according to schedule, efficiently and at lowest possible cost and includes management of data exchange processes and related information.

How did you live through the difficult period of the pandemic?
After the first lockdown, there was a rebound and we thought it was starting to run on it. We kept the warehouse high, which has allowed us to always be clear and efficient towards our customers. We have never stopped and it has allowed us to fulfill all our obligations.

We continue to investwe have increased production at our suppliers, we have never been afraid of the staggering increase in sea freight rates, and it has allowed us to always be ready for all market desires.

Let’s talk about production, how do you guarantee the quality of your products?
With professionalism, we guarantee the production and sale of quality spare parts and accessories for cars and motorcycles. All our goods are directly exposed to one strict quality controlperformed by specialized personnel before they are placed on the market, which guarantees the end user the security of their purchase.

As for the batteries, I also emphasize that we are regularly registered in the italian register of manufacturers of batteries and accumulators for Motorcycle and motorcycle batteries of the brand Routepower.

Production and environmental protection: this is a hot topic in recent years. How do you work for the protection of the environment?
We are very aware of the environmental issue because our future and the future of our children are at stake.
As a company, AL rappresentanze guarantees one very high attention and respect for the environment. The goal is to protect the environment by preventing pollution and improving our production processes in a “green” way in accordance with laws and regulations.

In addition, all lights and electrical devices (except our server) are turned off at night, in order to save energy. If a device is equipped with an energy saving function, we activate it by default. We avoid the use of incandescent bulbs.
AL Representations has a policy of replacing obsolete technological equipment with highly energy efficient models, improving performance, reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency.

In addition, we are committed to recycling of materials both at the production and commercial level, and we use packaging made from recycled materials.
All employees share the company’s values, recycling and energy savings as much as possible. Finally, we try to include and encourage all our customers and suppliers to share our environmental policies and implement practices to minimize their impact on the environment.

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