Factory Voice compares local businesses

The latest and future prospects for the design world between sustainability, innovation and digitalisation will be at the heart of the second appointment of Factory Voice in 2022, scheduled for Thursday, May 12 from 7 p.m. 17.00 in the Altinate San Gaetano Cultural Center in Padua.

The agreement

Factory Voice is the format conceived and developed by Azzurro Digitale in collaboration with PwC Italia – and produced by Marmalade, a company specializing in creating events with an innovative concept – that compares industry and territory, in a dialogue that aims to outline, through sharing best practices, the latest in the Northeast and in the rest of the country. The design factory will be divided into two parts: the first will include Francesco Guzzonato, CTO Alos; Valentina Cerolini, co-founder and CEO of Deesup; Omar Cadamuro, Director of PwC Italia, who will analyze the economic trend and macro trend in the sector; Chiara Gamberale, author and author of the book “Il womb paterno”, and Alessandro Rimassa, founder and CEO of Radical HR. This will be followed by a roundtable discussion which will see – moderated by Paolo Possamai – the leaders of some key companies in the sector: Silvia Quaglia, Chair of the Arrital Board of Directors; Alessio Bellin, CEO of Gibus Spa; Giulio Scabin, Italy Sales Director at Guzzini Illuminazione; Francesco Favaretto, Creative Director Favaretto & Partners; Maurizio Zordan, CEO Zordan. “Design is a feather in the cap of Italian industry, a sector that has always contributed greatly to our economy and that has made us a worldwide expertise. Our products, a concrete manifestation of the fusion of quality, aesthetics and functionality, are the fruit of the creative minds that permeate the Italian panorama. The primary challenge in this historical period is to be able to make well-being and functionality compatible with sustainability by using green materials and production methods and entering a circular economic perspective. Faced with this, it is necessary for companies in the sector to communicate with each other and create a system, in order to share experiences and ideas for the future. Here comes Factory Voice, which was created precisely to bring to life platforms for comparison that are open to companies, institutions and the local area, «explains Carlo Pasqualetto, CEO of Azzurro Digitale. Factory Voice was created in collaboration with PwC Italia, with support from Beaconforce, Matchplat, BPER Banca, Belden Inc., AWMS and Azzurrodigitale, with support from Padua Municipality and with the patronage of Assindustria Venetocentro, which went into the appointments of the format in the calendar for Padua – Treviso – Venice – Rovigo Capital of Culture 2022. «Innovation and sustainability are key pillars in business development strategies also in the North East. These are not always ready to better meet the increasingly complex opportunities and challenges that our time presents to them: that is why it is important to have innovation in the field. Our partnership with Factory Voice stems precisely from the desire to help entrepreneurs create value for their business and for their stakeholders by fully expressing their potential: a goal shared by Azzurro Digital and PwC Italia with its 7,000 dedicated professionals. at 360 ° on innovation, marketing and business development, as well as in supporting the search for capital or financing to create innovation »comments Omar Cadamuro, Director of PwC Italia. Factory Voice has also developed an innovative partnership with two companies in the world of sustainability: the first is UP2You, a company that helps companies reduce their environmental impact and eliminate CO emissions, which will calculate the CO2 footprint of the event, then go to compensation. Thanks to this new agreement, Factory Voice is therefore moving towards CO2 neutrality. The other, on the other hand, is Green Go Consulting, a benefit company that aims to make the public aware of the environmental issue.

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