2022 school bonus for students and university students: € 5000 for everyone

There are many 2022 school bonus confirmed by the Draghi Government and the Regions: student he University students They can get up to 5,000 euros with or without ISEE to save on expenses in connection with the purchase of school books and texts, but also on visits to cultural sites, not to mention scholarships awarded for profit or income.

The latest government provision also introduced some new features: students can get one public transport bonus up to 60 euros.

In addition deduction on rent up to 2,000 euros for students or university students, also applies to renting a single room! Deadlines to request bonus 500 euros for all children over the age of 18 in 2021 (born in 2003).

Shows what are the school bonuses for 2022 for students and college students to apply for right away INPS, the Regions or the Danish Tax Agency. Latest news.

2022 school bonus for students and university students: 60 euro discount on season tickets

Let’s start with one 2022 school bonus fresh, just introduced and confirmed by the Draghi government: we are talking about the new transport bonus for the season ticket for public transport. How does it work and who can request it?

According to initial information from Minister Andrea Orlando, the transportation bonus is it is up to all students and to workers who own one Make ISEE, under 35 thousand euros. The facility allows you to get one discount of 60 euros when buying only one subscription for public transport.

The Implementing Decree – coming soon – will clarify the procedures for requesting and paying the benefit. Public transport bonus can only be obtained until the available resources have been used up (100 million euros).

In addition to the new concession, however, it is also possible to obtain one deductions on subscriptions for public transport: it is possible to pick it up 19% of the expenses incurred (up to a limit of 250 euros) in the annual tax return

2022 school bonus for students and university students: rent up to 2,000 euros

Always in connection with 2022 school bonus for students and university students, there is also a facility that allows to save on rent. The Budget Act confirmed 2022 rental bonus for young people aged 20 to 31 yearsstudents, college students or workers who have a low ISEE.

Thanks to the rent subsidy, young students or university students under the age of 31 can get one deduction up to € 991.60 on the fee, or a deduction of 20% on the rent up to 2,000 euros (if higher) limited to the first 4 years from the signing of the contract.

The advantage applies both to renting an entire apartment and renting a single room: therefore it is ideal to be utilized also for university students outside the place.

To access the rent, it is necessary to have one ISEE under € 15,493.71and submit the application to the Danish Tax Agency no later than 30 June 2022.

2022 school bonus for students and university students: 500 euros without ISEE for everyone!

For all children, students and young people who have reached the age of 18 in 2021 – or those born in 2003 – it is still possible to apply 500 euro bonus without ISEE made available by the state. How does it work?

Thanks to culture bonus you can get paid state level money to spend on your passions and more. Once the € 500 bonus has been requested via the 18 app (accessed with SPID only), each student will have a virtual wallet that they can use as they see fit.

Is allowed purchase of school books or texts, magazines, subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, purchase of audiovisual products, tickets for concerts, cultural events, museums, exhibitions, theater or film performances. You can also buy them foreign language courses or other types of courses to improve your training.

A school bonus is only intended for children over the age of 18: the application for the 500 euros can be submitted until 31 August 2022while the money can be spent and spent until February 28, 2023.

To get some ideas for the allowable expenses with the culture bonus, we invite you to read tricks to use 18app on Amazon and Spotify.

2022 school bonus for students: Regions’ measures

Even the singles Regions The Italians have introduced gods 2022 school bonus for students and college students: in most cases it is scholarships paid out on profit or income, for the benefit of families who own one Make ISEE. What is regional aid?

2022 school bonus – Veneto

Let’s start with the region’s contribution Veneto: school bonus is given to all families with ISEE under 40,000 euros. The benefit accrues to parents of the children who attend the school year 2021-2022 primary school, primary school and high schoolat the state or equal level.

The amounts vary according to income and level of education:

  • ISEE up to 15,000 euros – 900 euros to primary school, 1,350 euros to middle school, 1,950 euros to high school;
  • ISEE between € 15,001 and € 30,000 – 390 euros to primary school, 780 euros to middle school, 1,150 euros to high school;
  • ISEE between 30,001 and 40,000 euros – 310 euros to primary school, 540 euros to middle school, 780 euros to high school.

There request for the school bonus from the Veneto region, it can be presented exclusively online no later than June 9, 2022.

Marriage School – Friuli Venezia Giulia

Self Friuli Venezia Giulia makes a financial contribution to all students attending high school in the school year 2021-2022, exclusively on an equal footing. The family must own one I SEE not more than 33,000 euros.

In addition to the Dote Scuola contribution, it is also possible to obtain a scholarship up to a maximum amount of 200 euros, only for families with ISEE under 10,000 euros.

There request it can only be submitted online via SPID, CIE or CNS: deadline is set pr. May 16, 2022

2022 school package – Tuscany

IN Tuscany students attending upper secondary schools have the opportunity to obtain a financial subsidy in accordance with the School Package 2022. The applicant family must have a ISEE not exceeding € 15,748.78.

The contribution to each recipient is equal to 300 euros for each student of any class of enrollment, with the possibility of obtaining up to 5,000 euros for students residing in the municipalities of Capraia Isola or Isola del Giglio (with an ISEE limit of 36,000 euros).

Each Tuscan municipality has set a different deadline for submitting applications: it is possible to submit the request before the end of May.

2022 school bonus – Puglia

There Puglia makes a financial contribution to all families in high school studentat the state or equivalent level, and who owns one Make ISEE.

The requirements to be met in order to obtain the school bonus from the Puglia region are:

  • participation in a class at the high school – based in the region – in the school year 2021-2022;
  • I SEE family member at most 10,632.94 euros.

The expected contribution for each family is equal to 200 euros for each student. That requests they are assembled exclusively online, starting from 9 May 2022via SPID, CIE or CNS.

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