CASARGO – It is with a long letter addressed to the Mayor of Casargo Antonio Pasquini that a fellow citizen condemns the ever-increasing deterioration of the Narro playgroundwith special attention to basketball court where two football goals have been set, making it almost useless for basketball lovers. All documented with photographs.

The first of the two situations that the reader wanted to highlight relates to the attitude to young or newly grown boys as frequent Narro.

These have actually grown over the years, apparently only by age and over time, as they have learned to write, which they have found appropriate to enrich tables, poles and various structures with the depth of their philosophical reflections – he writes -. Polite, civil and respectful boys who before and after football sit down to elaborate on these incredible proposals, including woodcuts and indelible writings (always obviously about public goods !!!), generously made available for the intellectual growth of anyone who can read them. Unfortunately, among the visitors to the playground, there are also children who are learning to read, as well as their grandparents and parents, and the content of the scriptures is not really suitable as a reading tool.

In addition to this you will notice how everything is accompanied by one waste blanket which is made more often and more varied, goes from cans and waste to broken beer bottles (resulting in broken glass, where children from 0 years and up often play, run, fall, collect things and more), cigarettes and finally also the much-loved bars (we look forward to condoms for a fantastic a plein). This at least until a local resident or a disgusted grandfather picks up the disgust left behind by these real textbook cases about parental failure, which of course does not miss a healthy one. soundtrackwith volumes completely inadequate to the area and often even at certain times, consisting of the “wonderful” compositions (now renamed “trap” where it was once garbage) full of swear words, vulgar sexual references, money, drugs, hatred and violence, there all of us as children could not wait to hear, even in spite of ourselves as in this case.

Some evenings this group of “ladies and gentlemen” decided, in addition to the football match, which lasted until after midnight, using the public lighthouse! benches they were better planted elsewhere than in their place, perhaps next to public services, and placed them in points without logic or utility, if not perhaps for their minds, it is not known where clairvoyance, given that alcohol intake based on super alcoholic if bottles are then stored in the hedges in the parking lot at the Narro playground.

On the other hand, the second argument regarding the use of basketball court to football, with the consequent placement of goals to “invade” the pitch. To reconstruct the facts, the reader goes back 4 years when he shared his reports in August 2018 Proloco of Casargo, the common come on Facebook: “Indifference and unchanged situation” would have been the results.

The oratorio off Indovero1 km by car or on foot from the Narro playground, it has been equipped with a football pitch and a volleyball court, while in Narro there is, or rather given the current situation, only one court prepared for basketball since the 80s. To be able to play basketball, a few days before my e-mail to the municipality, without having a driver’s license (these are people aged 14 to 17) the boys from Indovero walked in Narro, but once here they found the basketball court occupied by two football goals that, unlike previous years and weeks, had been secured to the ground with two screws.

The football goals, although this was already a disrespectful gesture, had been placed on the basketball court but had never been attached to the ground before; for years there was a chain that allowed them not to fall and could be put on and removed at will.

I asked in that email that someone from Casargo municipality would come and remove the football goals and invite Indovero to play football and in any case not deprive anyone who wants to practice this sport, the right to use the public basketball court. . All with a range of solutions, the simplest of which is the use of a chain or a hook that makes it possible to move the doors depending on the sport being practiced.

Aside from the municipality’s silence, the reader explains that according to his reports, the doors were set even more firmly to the ground until some boys, tired of the situation, tore one from the ground and released a basket. Since then, a door has been moved further back, but that does not solve the problem of the invasion of the basketball court.

If the local gentlemen have to make other excuses for not doing the simple chores, without welding or other unnecessary complexities, I can always suggest cutting and moving the doors that are still invading the field, completely outside it or by relocating the chain ( in stolen practice and in any case public property unlawfully stolen) by those who repaired the doors, independently and at my expense, which would certainly not help the respect and consideration which I have always had in the past for the inhabitants of Narro and Casargo, but given the evidence I do not think they care much about.

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