War in Ukraine, Kiev soldiers in Germany: training in the artillery school. Here’s what heavy weapons Berlin can send

In the artillery school of the German army of Idar-Oberstein it started education of the first contingent of about twenty Ukrainian soldiers on artillery systems Panzerhaubitzen 2000. Driving, shooting and solving operational problems, in modules of 43 days, which can be reduced on the basis of knowledge already possessed. The future Ukrainian crew and technicians arrived Rhineland-Palatinate Tuesday with a transport plane off Bundeswehr started from Poland. After the soldiers learn it, Germany will hand over to Ukraine 7 armored vehicles of restored PzH2000 artillery not in use by the troops; in coordination withNetherlandswho in turn decided to give to Kiev others 5 PzH2000. That Use they are already training 50/60 Ukrainian soldiers in Germany divided into groups a Grafenwöhr in Bavaria for the use of artillery systems. Among other things for the English tank M777.

That The Bundestag had approved on April 28 delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine with 586 votes in favor, 100 against and 7 neither for nor against. An earlier 12-page report from the Bundestag Legal Services, dated March 16, indicated that the transfer of arms solely under international law does not involve an entry into the warbut the training of Ukrainian soldiers could break non-warlike. Be a spokesman for the Chancellery Steffen Hebestreit than the Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht however, they have ruled out that training alone constitutes entry into the war. The politician in CDU and formerly collonello Roderich Kiesewetter even suggested that under Article 51 of the UN Charter of the Right to Self-Defense, Germany would not become a party to the conflict, even if it military in Ukraine in the light of a request for intervention, a circumstance in any case excluded by Lambrecht himself.

Products from Krauss-Maffei Wegmann And Rheinmetallthe German army has officially established itself as a standard for artillery 119 PzH2000but only 40 ready to use. Despite being over ten years old, they are among the most modern systems and have also been used in Afghanistan. Out of neutrality, Switzerland refused to deliver bullets, which was sourced from Brazil. Each vehicle carries 60, to which the cannon of 155 mm ensures a normal range of 30 kmwhich reaches 40 km – some sources say up to 56 km – with special ammunition, with a shooting speed from 3 shots in 10 seconds and up to 20 in 2 minutes (then it drops to avoid overheating). They can also explode a series from 5 to 6 bullets where the first with a higher trajectory and the subsequent ones are gradually lowered to collapse to hit the target at the same time. The opponent can identify the launch site, but the vehicle can move autonomously and avoid being destroyed. The 1000 horsepower engine allows you to move them 57 tons plus the crew of 5 people up to 60 km / h. Armor as standard against infantry grenade shrapnel, they can also be armored in such a way heavier.

Germany has also promised to give Ukraine one fifty of anti-aircraft armored vehicles Cheetah, the owner of the defense, however, has specified that the training in this case will be handed over to the war industry, which is converting them and not to the army. In an interview, published Tuesday by Süddeutsche ZeitungCEO of Rheinmetall Armin Papperger indicated that if there will be continue of the government, his group can also extradite gods to Ukraine Marder within three weeks. The Ministry of Defense had asked the company for stock availability in fast delivery, obtaining a list with 66 items among which Leopard 1 and Marder bought back from Bundeswehr. A month ago, the industry began to recover about a hundred of the latter. Papperger makes sure that the queue of countries that have applied is long. Berlin may decide to hire Marders in one triangulation with Eastern European countries, which would then supply Ukraine with its own material.

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