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Spring has finally arrived, have you noticed?
The best months await us to be outdoors and enjoy both the private gardens and outdoor spaces at clubs and restaurants. Often, however, these are outdoor environments they are not treated as they deserve, especially when it comes to the structures of sun protectionwhich as much as it is our friend and source of the wonderful vitamin D, must be modulated to be truly comfortable.

The Italian company stands out for its attention to the combination of aesthetic and functional aspects Gibusa company that designs custom-made and produces packable pergolas, bioclimatic pergolas, awnings and sunshades.

The constant excitement of creating new proposals that combine technological innovation, sartorial mastery in textile processing, design, comfort and sustainability, has led to the creation of new line of Velvet bioclimatic pergolas.

Velvet and Velvet Plus: the versatile bioclimatic pergola

Consists of the two models Velvet And Velvet Plusthe new Gibus line offers a solution that allows for one diversified brightness and ventilation control under the pergola, to create one versatile outdoor space. The retractable lid is designed to allow three different configurations:

  • completely closed lid: the roof wings can be placed horizontally at zero degrees, providing complete shade and maximum protection against atmospheric substances;
  • oriented: it is possible to orient the knives up to 85 ° to create an ideal microclimate under the pergola so that light and air diffuse in the desired amount;
  • package: Once the blades are tilted, they can be folded up to take advantage of total brightness.

Velvet technology

All this is possible thanks to a technology, the result of the work of the Gibus Research & Development team: the (patent pending) Velvet Motion system, which allows the rotation and packing movements of the knives to be independent of each other. In fact, Velvet Motion allows a double mechanical movement, generated by two different types of engines:

  • a first linear motor, which activates the rotation, moves a drawbar which allows the knives to orient from 0 to 85 °;
  • a second gear motor which activates a rotating system on the transmission belt which drives a series of carriages connected to pantographs, integrated in the lateral circumference of the structure and again connected to the blades, to enable liquid wrapping of the lid.

Velvet and Velevet Plus also have another technology that ensures excellent performance in terms of resistance to atmospheric substances compared to closed lid. This is patented side sealing technology which ensures perimeter insulation of the leaves resting on a gasket along the inner edge and allows one total isolation from the external environment.

But that’s not all. These structures are also innovative from a point of viewinstallation and of maintenancethanks to Quick Blade System patentwhich facilitates the hooking and hooking of the blades from the mechanical handling system, with a significant reduction in installation times and future maintenance.

The bioclimatic design pergola

Made with a solid powder coated extruded aluminum structurethe new pergolas have a design with an essential design, proposed in an island version and in a sloping front or side version.

These two new models differ mainly in one function: Velvet Plus guaranteesintegration into the structure of the zippered screen closuresto be used as screens to avoid the greenhouse effect in the hottest months, while allowing you to combine them with glass doors, to be able to use the pergola even in the cooler months. The Velvet model, on the other hand, can be integrated with screens and windows, but not present at the same time.

This new line can also be integrated with a number of conveniences, such as LED lighting system with white or colored light, ie Heating element or thesound systemcan be operated directly via bluetooth connection.

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