The school opens in the summer again this year. Also for the welcome and literacy of Ukrainian children (by C. Zanella)

The schools will reopen this summer. At the end of the lessons, the workshops for art, music and creative writing, math games and sports return. “Summer School”, the Ministry of Education’s plan to involve students from June to September, which was already tested last year, is back. There will be 300 million euros available for the schools to organize the activities. Participation in summer activities will be voluntary, both for students and their families, as well as for the staff of the educational institutions.

If the plan last year, in its debut year, was dedicated to regaining the sociability of students who were forced to go to Dad for almost a year and a half of the pandemic, this year it will focus on welcoming Ukrainian children. Among the proposed activities will be the intensification of teaching Italian – also with a view to the start of the new school year – and the use of school premises and computers for possible teaching of father from Ukraine. The children can then become involved in playful and creative activities, such as art and music workshops dedicated to the environment and sustainability, sports activities, citizenship and digital education, integration in the field, orientation to work and studies.

The plan will be divided into three phases: in June, the focus will be on strengthening disciplinary and relational skills, with workshops, group activities and with special attention to the reception, integration and reading skills of young Ukrainians; second phase will be in July and August, and there will be connections with “open school”, “open school”, territorial community spaces; the third will be in September, until the beginning of the lessons, and will be dedicated to knowing and accompanying the students towards the new school year.

“After the great experience last year, the schools are again the main characters next summer. Transforms itself into places of community, meeting, growth, confrontation with territories, thanks to cooperation with the third sector and with local authorities. An inclusive and inviting place, this year also for Ukrainian girls and boys “, says the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi. Last year, about 7,000 institutions, between state and equal, ended, 53% of activities funded with Pon” For school “resources were completed in the less developed areas of the country for initiatives related to strengthening language, digital, technological and scientific skills.In addition, almost 3,700 schools have conducted activities and workshops outside (parks, sports centers, museums, theaters and other spaces), strengthen contact with the territory and involving third sector entities, educators, volunteers, parents. “We wanted to get the structural plan – he added – to put our pupils, our pupils and their families at the center, with the aim of making our schools a ‘second home’ for children and young people who can welcome each and every one according to their own circumstances’.

The package of resources available to schools amounts to over 280 million euros: 179 million from Pon “For the school” (European resources), about 99 million from Pon funds through projects already nominated and approved by the schools, 2 million from support for relationality to the prevention and combating of the phenomenon of cyberbullying, around 700 thousand euros have been set aside for the involvement of unaccompanied foreign minors. Additional resources stem from the opportunity to expand and reorient already funded projects by September through collaborations with associations, foundations and entities in the third sector. Among these can be activated the proposals within the “ReGeneration School”, the plan launched by the Ministry to accompany schools in the ecological and cultural transition, and activities within the protocols signed by the Ministry of Education with those of Culture and Presidency of the Council of Ministers with responsibility for sports. There is also the opportunity to resort to crowdfunding through the “IDEArium” service, which is provided by the Ministry and which will support the institutes in any further search for resources from private supporters, companies and other entities.

To support principals, teachers and institutes participating in the initiative, there will be a dedicated section of the Ministry of Education website and a help desk. Then there will be an information campaign, also on social networks, which can be followed through the hashtag #lascuoladestate.

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