The newly built houses keep up the competition, new life also for used ones

MILANO – There is now some certainty that the pandemic has led to a greater appreciation of new buildings by potential buyers. The possibility of energy saving, rediscovered during the closure and guaranteed by these housing types, leads to an interest in all the homes built with advanced technological criteria. To this aspect comes the search for outdoor spaces that are easier to find in new buildings, even more so if they are located in the municipalities of the catchment area. All of this has set new construction sites in motion again whenever possible.

According to studies conducted by the Tecnocasa Group Research Department, the prices of new homes in recent years have in any case fallen slightly, lower than what happened on the types used, and have been exposed to re-pricing activities aimed at placing properties on the market. In the last ten years, new solutions have lost 19.7%. Sales of new construction carried out by the affiliated agencies Tecnocasa and Tecnorete amounted to 13.9% in 2021, have as their main purpose the main residence (82.8%) and are of greater interest to potential buyers up to 44 years. The property quality of these types determines a lower negotiation on the price equal to 6.4%.

Second-hand homes, whose values ​​have fallen more, are experiencing a rediscovery thanks to the incentives for renovations, which have received a further boost from the 110% super bonus, which mainly works on independent solutions and leads to the renovation of many condominiums. These types have, of course, undergone major reductions, which in the last ten years have reduced their value by 24.7%. The Italian heritage is old and therefore the majority of the houses sold are used: 86.1% of the sales made by the agencies affiliated with the Tecnocasa Group fall within this target.

It is interesting to note that 75.7% of the solutions used are purchased as the main home and the rest as a form of investment, including the cottage, of course thanks to the lower price. The need, almost always, to carry out redevelopment investments leads to a larger price drop in the negotiation phase corresponding to 8.4%. The new needs that emerged after covid have directed builders towards a new way of building homes that takes even greater account of the quality and well-being of those who live there and often work.

“In particular, already in the design phase, we aim to further optimize both interior and exterior spaces – explains Daniele Veneri, engineer La Ducale SpA. With regard to the interior, we develop solutions that make the best use of the available surface and organize each space. functional and habitable, for example, also pay attention to the entrance through systems that make the home accommodating as well as provide it with space to be used for storage of objects or clothes.Balconies and terraces, which are especially valued in the post-pandemic, we have decided to make them even wider and deeper, also to complement medium-sized carvings such as two-bedroom apartments.There are also plans to create well-maintained and usable condominiums to perform coworking activities in, with appropriate protections and spaces and with a dedicated wifi Newly built properties are also valued as they meet energy efficiency criteria that allow for significant savings. Particularly current issue is the question of the general increase in the price of raw materials. This last aspect has an important impact on the real estate market in general: cement, iron, plastics in general and wood have high prices and are difficult to find. This situation has implications for the supply of materials, on the increase in procurement costs, which partially destabilizes the programs for real estate development companies and the entire construction sector.

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