the Najmeddin family’s journey

From the heart France by Palestineapparently passing through Susa Valley.

It is the journey of freedom that the family made in September Najmeddin: father Yousef, mother Matilde and their four children Noon, 10, Jood, 7, Ninawa, 5, and Jal, 2 and a half. With them the donkey Nina and the dog Jaffar and in this part of Valsusi also with grandfather Jean, who joined them on the passage in Maurienne and who will accompany them up to Sacra di San Michele.

They arrive on foot in a carriage pulled by the donkey Nina, on which their journey home is located.

They come from The big Chezellea small fraction of the municipality of Bazaigesnear Eguzon-Chantome. Right in the most central point of France, the heart of the country.

One day in September, Yousef and Matilde, together with their children, put their house on a wagon and set off: approx. 10 km pr. day destination PalestineYousef’s homeland.

They arrived in Italy on Sunday and crossed the Colle part Moncenisio and they stopped Monday d GiaglioneTuesday they were at Bussoleno and Wednesday stage a San Dideroon Thursday they stop in Sant’Antonino and then they will study the best route to reach the Po Valley, towards Padua and then the last stop in Italy, Friuli.

From here they enter Slovenia. Then they will go through it all Croatia to come in Montenegroswitch from Kosovo and from Serbia to reach Bulgaria. From here on out Turkey for the passage to Asia through the Bosphorus. Then the long journey to Anatolia to reach Syria and thus enter vest Bank.

Go home again

Here: the purpose of the trip is to go home, as Matilde tells, while the children play freely and happily on the meadow, where they camped for the night in Bussoleno in front of Giulio Perino’s farmhouse: “We want to bring our children to know the land where Yousef was born.A country from which he could not get out, from which he could see the sea but could not swim.A country where he left to come to France.Now we go back with the French passport with the hope that we We have chosen to take this long journey on foot with our children to show them the world, to introduce them to people, to learn languages, to understand what hospitality is, to talk to them and to all those we meet about freedom, the desire to stand up and resist.We will certainly encounter great difficulties that we have already encountered in this first winter spent in a tent.But our being a family gives us the strength to we do not know how long it will take to get to Palestine: maybe two or maybe three years, but we want to know the world with our eyes and present it to our children in this way, without filters, but with their eyes. innocence “.

One story that can only touch so much is the spontaneity with which the Najmeddin family takes up the challenge.

A story with you can not remain indifferent, for it is enough to turn to them to understand that they are people with an extraordinary humanity.

They do not ask for anything, they offer smiles and joy of life, and when you start talking to them, you do not go because they have so much to learn in today’s busy life.

And then you see people arrive, bring him a packet of biscuits for breakfast and fruit juice, and the kids approach Noon, Jood, Ninawa and Jal to play, to run together on a free meadow, with no barriers, no language barriers only with magic that children can bring to the world.

These days they will be in the valley, then they will obviously pass outside Turin to go to Lombardy.

If you see them, go to them with a smile, stop and exchange a few words: from them you will receive a sense of peace and serenity that unites with life in these days where the theme of war is on the front pages to scare U.S. all .

Thank you Noon, Jood, Ninawa and Jal, thank you Matilde and Yousef for the beautiful lesson in giving and a very good trip and may the lucky stars protect you and give you the opportunity to fulfill our dream.

Luca Giai

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