the experience of the “Salvatorelli Moneta” Institute in Marsciano

Food waste, solidarity with the populations affected by the war, attention to environmental issues with the world of bees and above all a strong desire to return to normalcy and get involved have characterized the students at the all-inclusive “Salvatorelli Moneta” Institute of Marsciano, which on the occasion of the ‘Street food’ event in the historic center of the city gave life to a number of initiatives. With regard to the different fields of study, the students at a department stand presented different activities, the result of the workshops they have participated in during the school year.

The school allows them to devise, design, create and sell various items thanks to the collaboration with the ‘Salvatorelli Moneta School Camp’ Association, founded by the department’s teachers.

Among the laboratories that provided more space for students’ creativity are mechanics, 3D printing, chemistry, science, physics and computer science, and in particular the students involved in the Institute’s students.

“These activities – they explain from the institute – allow an approach to the real world, favor group work, facilitate the application of acquired knowledge, help solve problems, assess opportunities and make decisions. Participation in the event in the historic center made it possible for visitors from outside the region to appreciate the different productions and experience the communication skills and sales promotion and sales techniques of the students on the ‘Commercial services’ course ”.

Topics covered by the workshops

This year, part of the production was dedicated to the craft of beeswax with the creation of candles in the form of roses, proposed for Mother’s Day. During the event, a live link was also organized with ‘Radiophonica’, an Umbrian university media that regularly edits the column ‘Api On Air’ about the world of bees organized by #volandoconleapibees, apidactic for schools.

In addition, a representative of the 2C Cambridge class from Liceo Scientifico intervened to raise awareness in the community about the issue of food waste, an initiative contextualized in the ‘Call to action – RiCibo’ project activated in the Civic Education path, for training with a focus on Agenda 2030. A valuable opportunity for students to confront people with the problem of food waste, provide and receive useful advice to make society more sustainable. The class asked for cooperation with the citizens to collect anti-waste recipes that are typical of our tradition, which will be included in a recipe book application under construction.

“During the school year – continued by Salvatorelli Moneta – students analyzed the causes and effects of food waste, and they also collected local data through an institute survey and meetings with representatives of the Banco Alimentare dell’Umbria and Caritas Perugia. The data show that in our territory, as in all rich countries, the most significant waste occurs at home. The students understood that this is a global problem, but that it has aspects that can be improved with the individual citizen’s daily actions based on the principles of circular economy and solidarity ”.

During the event, the department’s stand was enriched with the setting up of an exhibition of paintings, made by students from the scientific high school, 1st grade high school and the professional department. The works were offered to raise funds for the Ukrainian people and represented the theme “Peace”, which is especially felt by all students and teachers.

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