The Exhibition Market for Agricultural Machinery, Codacons focuses on the appeal to Taren to suspend the relocation of the Tarquinia trade fair to Civitavecchia

TARQUINIA – An appeal to Lazio TAR to suspend the move to Civitavecchia by the Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Tarquinia. This is what Codacons is studying, which has gathered support for possible legal initiatives from the first companies in Tarquinia that would be damaged by the move, starting with the Benedetti Center.

The Consumers’ Association’s lawyers are in fact considering the possibility of resorting to administrative justice to block a provision, the one that provides for the passage of the event from Tarquinia to Civitavecchia, which would harm local businesses and citizens and deprive them of an important deal that attracted thousands of tourists and visitors to the city.

The Lazio trade fair calendar, updated to 28 March, as already pointed out several times, would contain the specific permit to hold the “73rd Exhibition Market for Agricultural Machinery, Services and More” from 29 April to 1 May in Tarquinia Lido, this circumstance , which could be the basis for a possible suspension of the decision moving the event to Civitavecchia. The regulation of the region would leave no room for doubt about the reference for the agricultural machinery exhibition in Tarquinia and therefore for any other municipality; however, it should be emphasized that Civitavecchia even falls into another province, Rome instead of Viterbo, a shift, therefore of no small importance. S.According to the rules of the Lazio region, the Tarquinia fair has a regional character and is registered in the Lazio fair calendar, which is prepared annually and contains the list of approved events for the following year. The 2022 calendar, whose requests were received in the region on 28 February 2021, has been updated to 28 March and contains the permit for the “73rd exhibition market for agricultural machinery, services and more” from 29 April to the first of May in Tarquinia. The region has therefore at present not registered any change, of municipality and province, of the event in question, and it is not clear whether a possible change is possible in such a short time.

In any case, Tarquinia’s commercial activities are preparing to launch a class action lawsuit for the economic damage that is likely to be inflicted on the Tarquinia area. But not only. Also at stake are the memory and work of many Tarquinia people, leading figures in the history of the city of Tarquinia, who from the very beginning worked for the birth of the Tarquinia event and for its growth over time.

For example, a minutes from the Pro Tarquinia Association’s assembly dating back to 1996 represent a historical document illustrating the association’s purpose.

Minutes of the Pro Tarquinia Assembly

To date, as also pointed out by Mayor Alessandro Giulivi, Tarquinia municipality would not be in possession of many documents regarding the association. However, even an old draft of the statutes of the Pro Tarquinia Association would make the purpose of the association clear. To understand whether the same draft circulating in these hours has been changed, how much and when.

The draft of the new articles of association of Pro Tarquinia

After all, reading the history of the Tarquinia Agricultural Machinery Market Exhibition, reported by the Pro Tarquinia Association itself, is enough to understand its historical value.

Tarquinia’s exhibition on agricultural machinery and other markets was immediately born with the name “Fera di merci and cattle”, and with this designation took up the series of an event whose historical roots go back to more than 700 years ago. This denomination was immediately changed to have a name that was more relevant to the material actually exhibited. At that time, the numerous Maremma companies had not yet finished repairing the land destroyed by the war, and had recovered only a small part of the company’s machinery. The intention of Francesco De Cesaris and the group of partners who collaborated with him to create the first edition of MMMA was to reintegrate the machinery, old and worn, and replace it with the most modern, which the industry was preparing to service. agriculture. The success of the event was decreed by the geographical location: Tarquinia is the heart of agriculture in the Maremma, by the ability of the organizers, profound connoisseurs of the agricultural world, who over time were joined by skilled craftsmen who were aware of the practical needs of farmers, such as Mr. Tarolla Antonio, whose work and contributions are still remembered today with a trophy awarded each year to the company that presents the most original and useful technical innovation as part of the exhibition. The resonance of the market exhibition was so great that already from the third edition the alleys of the city center, in which it was normally organized, proved insufficient to accommodate it; it was therefore necessary to move it to another location, and the most suitable location was identified in the Tarquinia Lido. Here, the event in a short time reached an expansion of 30,000 square meters. The peak of growth seemed to have been reached as early as the 1970s, but after contacts with exhibitors approaching the Verona Fair and Eima in Bologna, the event reached more prestigious fame and turnout goals. The Association of Europe is now opening up new commercial frontiers for agricultural production; this was warned by the organizers of the MMMA already in the 42nd edition of 1991, where “World Agriculture Day” was announced, in which delegates from 14 foreign embassies accredited to the Italian Republic participated, among them the delegation of the former Soviet Union and Bulgaria, as it was a testament to the interest of Eastern European states in agriculture that was more advanced than what they practiced. At the 43rd edition of 1992, a much larger number of foreign delegations participated in the World Agriculture Day. Thanks to the ingenuity of Dr. Tereul PA from the Commercial Office of the Embassy of France, at the 43rd edition there was an exhibition stand organized by the French nation, which on an area of ​​300 square meters presented machines and offered tastings of typical Products “.

The question arises spontaneously, what does Civitavecchia have to do with all this?


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