School, registration for free summer camps for “digital girls” starts

Information technology is not a gender issue. And overcoming the stereotypes that still all too often remove girls from studying and acquiring digital and scientific skills is a fundamental step in building the foundation for real equality as well as a more just and inclusive society. This is the goal of ‘Digital Girls ER’, a project from Emilia-Romagna implemented online by the universities of Bologna, Parma, Modena and Reggio Emilia and Ferrara, and which envisages the realization – already from this summer – of a three-week summer camp, from June 20 to July 8, reserved for third- and fourth-year students at the college level. schools that will be able to approach the world of information technology and programming in this way. Six locations have been identified – the universities of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna, Ferrara and Cesena – as well as an online edition aimed at girls who cannot reach physical locations. Each camp will be free and can accommodate up to 45 students, for a total of over 360 girls. In this way, the project started in 2014 on a local basis from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, with support from the Modena Foundation, together with Ewmd, European Women’s Management Development, a non-profit association committed to promoting the professional development of women in the world of work, and then expanded on the Cesena campus of the University of Bologna. The Digital Girls ER project, which is shared with the regional school office, is promoted to local schools thanks to the help of the school office – Marconi Tsi service – and the digital animation teachers from the Emilia-Romagna schools. Registration is open and it is possible to register on the project’s website, // digital-girls.

“It is essential to address the gender gap in technical and science subjects by bringing female students closer to the specialist professions in information technology and technology. We would like to thank all the universities in our region who will implement this project and the regional school office who will spread this initiative to all students – emphasize the councilors for school, university, research and digital agenda Paola Salomoni and for Equal Opportunities Barbara Lori- If we really want to build a fairer and more inclusive society, this gap must be overcome by building initiatives such as Digital Girls ER, which can give many young people a concrete opportunity – and of high quality from a scientific point of view. view – to engage thanks to the experience of many professionals, teachers, researchers who have fully established themselves in the world of technologies and digital “. Girls Digital ER is built together with the universities of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Institute of Engineering ‘ Enzo Ferrari ‘), Bologna (Department of Computer Science – Science and Engineering), Parma (Department of Engineering and Architecture) and Ferrara (Department of Engineering)), with the support of the Region and Art-Er Scpa, all within the framework of The Data Valley Bene Comune activities, the digital agenda for Emilia-Romagna 2020-2025, which with ‘Women and Digital’ aims to launch initiatives to bring the female universe closer to education and technical training courses and scientific ones. of the activities in ‘Women and Digital from April’ there is the second edition of the Women in Tech event cycle, promoted in collaboration with the regional network of Open Workshops.Over a thousand people shared and – between November and February – in first edition meetings.

From learning creative computer thinking, through the acquisition of the basics of a programming language, to raising awareness of the possibilities and risks of the IT services used by young people, to the opportunity to witness testimonies and interventions from professionals, including experts, entrepreneurs, university professors and startups, called to share their experiences. But not only that, among the goals of the summer camps – real laboratories with university teachers and a strong practical and operational approach according to the logic of learning by doing – developing the ability to work in a group, present oneself and speak in public, solve problems and make decisions independently. An afternoon online seminar is also planned, scheduled for June 20-30, where the girls will be able to attend lectures by experts and experts from business and academia on the most interesting and current aspects of the technology world with insight into their after-effects and applications in everyday life and into study and work opportunities in the digital sectors.

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