Schmersal brings industrial safety to SPS Italia 2022

Schmersal Italycountry department of KA Schmersal GmbH & Co.a company specializing in the development and marketing of security systems and solutions dedicated to the industry, presents one SPS Italy (Hall 6 booth B068) some new devices intended for security applications on board automated machines and systems that find their way to a variety of sectors.

These are solutions that, in addition to guaranteeing a high level of safety, are designed to allow maximum production efficiency for the end user. For example, in machine tools – but not only – Schmersal has developed sophisticated systems in accordance with this principle for many decades, offering solutions that guarantee absolute functional integrity even in very difficult conditions, but at the same time ensure maximum availability of facilities.

The technologies that equip the Schmersal sensors are based on consolidated methods that make it possible to detect any misalignment of the safety guard, even the smallest one, according to its appearance, a message is sent to the main control. The user, warned in time, can then intervene to adjust the protective door before it is incorrectly adjusted enough to prevent the safety sensor from responding to the actuator, which would make it impossible for the machine to start.

The Schmersal program contains, among other things, solutions that make it possible to put the so-called special forms of operation into practice, such as the setup and process observation mode, which is described in Machinery Directive (2006/42 / EC). These are solutions that, in accordance with the regulations, guarantee the necessary safety for the operators who are called in to intervene in the configuration and maintenance phases of the plants, activities where accidents often occur.

Below are the products that Schmersal will present at SPS Italia:

  1. AZM40: great holding power in a small footprint

The new AZM40 Schmersal electric lock combines compact design with very high holding force. The dimensions of just 119.5 x 40 x 20 mm make it particularly suitable for small shelters. Thanks to the flexibility of the actuator with an active 180 ° operating angle, it can be used for any type of shield, ie also for those that do not close at 90 ° or that open upwards, for example with an angle of 45 °.

Despite its compact size, the AZM40 has a very high holding power: an impressive 2000 Newtons. The integrated RFID technology allows a ‘high’ level of coding, which requires less stringent measures to avoid circumvention of the locking mechanisms according to DIN ISO 14119.

The AZM40 works according to the bistable principle: in the event of a power failure, it maintains its current position, ensuring safe operation. Even in the event of dangerous driving movements or in the event of a power failure, the safety guard remains securely locked. Another advantage of the bistable principle is the consumption, which is always kept low, as the blocking only requires energy when the shield is to be locked or unlocked.

Key features of the Schmersal AZM40 electric lock:

  • SchmersalCompact size: 119.5 x 40 x 20 mm
  • Bistable sealing principle with low energy consumption
  • High holding force: 2000 Newton
  • Coupling power: 40 Newtons approx.
  • Individually coded versions with ‘high’ coding level according to ISO 14119
  • Suitable for applications cat. 4 / PL e / SIL 3
  • Optimized for mounting on 40 mm profiles
  • Symmetrical mounting on both sides
  • LEDs visible from three sides
  1. AZM150: compact interlock with movable head

The AZM150 Schmersal lock ensures a holding force of 1500 Newton. The unit, which offers an attractive and sleek design, can be combined with three different actuators: straight for sliding doors, angled for large revolving doors and mobile for smaller revolving doors. One of the strengths of the AZM150 is the movable head, which can be rotated and locked in a very simple way by acting on the contact compartment. The head has two insertion openings for the actuator, to allow different mounting positions.

The AZM150 comes standard with a low coding level and is also available as an option with a high coding level.

AZM150 interlock is very suitable for application on a wide range of machines etc. and available in variants with working current and quiescent current. If necessary, the AZM150 can be supplied with LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) functionality: this prevents personnel from being locked inside hazardous areas during maintenance and repair work.

Key features of the Schmersal AZM150 interlock:

  • Holding force 1,500 NSchmersal
  • Coupling force 50 N
  • Individually coded versions with ‘high’ coding level according to ISO 14119
  • Power to unlock / Power to unlock
  • 4 changeover contacts
  • L x H x D: 40 x 204 x 48 mm
  • Protection class IP65, IP67
  • Compatible with 40 mm profiles
  1. Safety Fieldbox SFB: to install “plug & play” up to eight safety devices

Safety Fieldbox SFB-PN-IRT-8M12-IOP from Schmersal is a “plug & play” solution that allows you to quickly and easily connect several safety devices on board the system with reduced wiring, as well as make installations fail-safe. . It is a module designed for secure field connections that allows you to easily connect up to eight security devices, no matter what type they are. Thanks to the universal interface with 8-pin M12 connectors, it is possible to connect a wide range of safety devices, such as interlocks, electromechanical and electronic electric locks, switches, sensors, optical barriers and control panels, including those from other manufacturers.

The security signals from the connected devices are transmitted to the control system via the PROFINET / PROFIsafe interface, thus using standard communication protocols that are integrated into smart automation architectures. The fieldbox sockets are freely configurable and are all equipped with a self-resetting fuse to ensure cord protection.

Key features of the Schmersal SFB Safety Fieldbox:

  • SchmersalUniversal 8-pin socket
  • Plug & play and fail-safe installation
  • Reduction of wires
  • Up to 8 different safety devices can be connected
  • Up to 4 control panels (with emergency stop) can be connected.
  • Power supply via M12 power plug (10 A)
  • Secure communication via PROFINET / PROFIsafe
  • LED status

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