Sabaudia goes back to being the “capital” of culture and provides space for young people. Marco Mincarelli, candidate on the New Town list: “From online museums, to the restoration of the Villa of Domitian, to the creation of an experimental center for creative arts, here is our proposal to restart the area’s cultural offerings”

“Our city has experienced golden years, which are now a distant memory. Some of the greatest minds of the twentieth century have chosen Sabaudia as a place to live or get inspiration, while the cultural proposal in recent years has clashed with a lack of planning and a lack of funds that have led to a lack of active participation and a lack of enthusiasm above all. of young people “, declares that it is Marco Mincarelli candidate in the next municipal elections with the” New City “list in support of Alberto Mosca’s candidacy for mayor in the next administrative election in June 2022.

“Culture should no longer be understood as an elitist value, but as an instrument of aggregation, which in its innumerable forms can be the glue capable of strengthening social cohesion, so highly praised and rarely favored, and contrasting educational poverty – he continues Mincarelli – And it is the task of politics to offer spaces and paths to attract the worlds of art on the national and international stage while encouraging growth and strengthening the area’s many artistic talents. “

Network of city museums with other national realities, but also, in agreement with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Superintendentency, San Felice Circeo Municipality and Park Authority, final commencement of the constitution of “Park Archaeological and Ethnological”. with the primary aim of promoting the applicability of the Villa Domiziano archeological site, involving third sector entities already engaged in the cultural and tourist promotion of the site. But also to create a gathering center, using assets confiscated from crime, within which one can equip spaces where the many young people in Sabaudia can express and cultivate their art from painting to photography to music. A futuristic laboratory that also hosts an area dedicated to co-working to help turn the flow of young people, no longer from Sabaudia outwards, but from the outside towards Sabaudia. This is the project of the candidate Marco Mincarelli and the “Città Nuova” list.

A project that starts with the vision of returning to the Savoyards, especially the younger ones, the feeling of belonging to a relatively young city that has an important history that began with the prehistoric settlements that went through the Roman era forward to the founding of city that made it the protagonist of rationalist architecture. An identity that deserves to be discovered and known by those who live it every day, but which must be told to the whole country.

From here, the path of the new city begins, which then proposes to develop projects ranging from the restoration of the city cinema, up to bringing Sabaudia back to being set of films and exceptional film and music reviews with its wonderful views. A particularly demanding project that will require time, commitment and dedication, two elements that the candidates in the New City do not lack.

“Our reality extends far beyond a citizen born for electoral purposes – Mincarelli is eager to specify – as it is from this idea of ​​city renewal, the new city, that Alberto Mosca started a common path with all of us. with two years to redesign Sabaudia as a Municipality with sustainability and culture.Culture and more generally art – concludes Mincarelli – represent an important guide in the construction of new performances, and above all they represent an important tool to facilitate the processes of change and social inclusion, as evidenced by the indicators set out in the UN 2030 Agenda.

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