Public success for ‘Séte – of art and culture’ at Fornace di Montelupo

Public success for “Séte – of art and culture”, the event staged on Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of May in the oven at the museum in Montelupo Fiorentino.

Many visitors to the artistic proposal from Foreningen Séte, which was established in recent months and formally in its debut, which animated spaces in the Museum’s furnace with guests and premieres on a cultural and musical level, a success that far exceeded all expectations and registered about 600 visitors during the opening day on Saturday, May 7th.

Contributing to the success of participation is the “Network” exhibition by Alessio Londi, 50 works, including drawings, sculptures and sketches, as well as design installations, in a visionary technique and geometric lines that invite the observer to reflect on themes such as peace, prosperity, freedom and hope and the ability to build relationships. From the museum oven’s perimeter exhibition space to the open streets with 30 students, from the painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, which created portraits of the place’s inhabitants that gave life to a graphic / pictorial story.

“A really positive balance for the first initiative organized by our association, commented President Andrea Maestrelli. The artistic idea of ​​animating Fornace was much appreciated and brought to life a non-stop show thanks to the works of Alessio Londi, Emma Nolde and Dante’s live performances. , Duccio Dj’s atmosphere as well as the pictorial performance of the Academy of Fine Arts We have found an excellent satisfaction, enthusiasm and desire to be together to share these paths with the aim of stimulating new artistic languages ​​and a cultural debate, we really hope to strengthen these collaborations and we thank the municipal administration for believing in and supporting the project “.

Congratulations to the Séte Association and all its staff for the success of the event. There will certainly be other occasions to repeat this collaboration between the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and the city of Montelupo Fiorentino. The feedback we got with our students and our students with the people through the “Montelupo si Mostra” project was important and significant, and together they spoke with the works of Alessio Londi for his first solo show curated by one of our former students, Andrea Maestrelli ”, thus director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence Claudio Rocca.

“The exciting experience has given us the opportunity to learn the reality of an extraordinary social substance, where everyday life and artistic work have always been united,” said Professor Anna Luppi, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. We thank you for the excellent organization and for having accepted this first core of the project, an artistic register of the city.Montelupo Fiorentino was truly for one day the representation of how a society in difficult and gloomy times can ‘make a difference’ by strengthening and concretizing the ambitions and hopes of these talented young people.

“I am really proud that Montelupo Fiorentino and in particular the new spaces in the Fornace del Museo have hosted an intelligent and fresh event like Séte,” said Montelupo Fiorentino Mayor Paolo Masetti. An initiative that, at its inauguration, had the ability to capture the interests of young people and art lovers, combining art and entertainment. I appreciated the dialogue between Alessio London’s original line, the music by Dente and Emma Nolde, the pencils from the students at the Academy of Fine Arts. An opportunity that has further strengthened the beautiful collaboration that already exists. between the territory of Montelupo and the territory. The Academy of Fine Arts Our area has a special calling and attention to everything that is cultural promotion, and the initiative proposed by the association Séte fits well with our initiative program. I can only thank the organizers and through the chairman of the association, Andrea Maestrelli, tell them: “We are here, you are welcome!”.

The “Network” exhibition by Alessio Londi can be visited until Saturday 14 May at 4-8 pm.

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