Next weekends in May for children and their parents with Fabbrica dei gesti Eventi in Lecce

The appointments continue with participatory, inclusive, play and movement paths, experiential meetings, together with parents and families of La Fabbrica dei Gesti. One of the branches is the project “I am in the center” expressive, pedagogical, inclusive paths, aimed at children, parents and families, a project conceived by Stefania Mariano, born to support parenting and children’s educational and recreational opportunities to communicate and understand through corporeality.

La Fabbrica dei Gesti, in osmosis with the Emmanuel Foundation, has the project’s activities for families from different ethnic groups, children and asylum-seeking parents received in Cas and the extraordinary reception center in Casa Francesco and Casa Katerina, a new center welcoming mothers and minors from Ukraine, to create a place of direct and active involvement, where they can meet, relate, exchange information and experiences, where cultural and social differences become a resource for exchange. The interdisciplinary project makes use of professionals in different areas: artistic, pedagogical, social and therapeutic.

Guest at this second appointment: Marcella Fanzaga, teacher of somatic movement (SME) and movement in developmental age (Idme) Body-Mind Centering®.

Saturday 28 / 10.30-12.30 for babies from 1 to 18 months + parents> “Bimbinforma® – Dance a new life” developmental paths through the creative movement in music and movement teaching in the developmental age Body-Mind Centering®: l experience of dancing with your baby moves gently to rock him. Get the baby to perceive rhythms and melodies through our body that move with the music. Let him explore different relationships of gravity through our body moving in space. Facilitates strengthening dialogue and attachment to our baby through contact, embrace and a pleasant and relaxing movement. The method integrates touch / movement / sound and facilitates the sensory experience and the full development of the basic neuromotor patterns through movement and a careful way of holding the child, which facilitates vestibular development, the formation of the body pattern and the organization of the child . the body in space and time.

Sunday the 29th, from 10.30 to 12.30, from 18 months to 6 years + parents / “Movement in contact”, development paths through the creative movement in music, education for movement in the developmental age Body-Mind Centering® and the sign.

To discover new ways of relating and communicating through touch, contact, sound and creative play, sensory stimulation, movement in all the planes and directions of space. An emotional and cognitive experience that supports the child in the knowledge of his own body and its organization in time and space by promoting confidence in its abilities and stimulating its curiosity about the world in a comfortable situation and in the empathic relationship with the parent.

Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th at 15.30 to 19.30 for adults “Evolution – a journey into human development in the dialogue between emotion and acting”. The workshop is open to anyone who wants to explore the connection between senses, curiosity and action. We will experience how, through our containment membrane, the skin, we move in space, welcoming and choosing information and stimuli; and how the sense of touch already developed in our embryonic and fetal life orients our perception and our movement in a dialogue between sensing and action that supports the balance of our nervous system.

La Fabbrica dei Gesti, a reference point for the most innovative experiences of language and body practice in Salento, is an association founded by Stefania Mariano, who for a decade has given life to homes, laboratories, shows, seminars, annual theater and dance events, music , for all age groups that set dialogue between different disciplines and languages, professionalism and areas of knowledge. A crossroads of art, training and educational experiences, of community with an eye for the weak and integration between different cultures.

Guest teacher: Marcella Fanzaga dances author – teacher – choreographer – self-employed – teaches somatic movement (SME) and of movement in developmental age (IDME) Body-Mind Centering® – occupational therapist – dance therapist – dance educator – psychomotorist – practicing and certified BMC® teacher graduated from SNDO in Amsterdam, his work integrates modern dance release techniques – floor work – butoh dance – somatic movement Body-Mind Centering® (she is a professional member of BMCA) and proposes experience-based paths and movement practices to support the artistic professions, pedagogy and nursing.

The workshops will be held in the large outer and inner spaces of the Le Sorgenti Center, Lecce-Novoli n.23 provincial road. Cost: single parent + child: 20 euros || two parents + child: 35 €

Call: 347 5424126

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