National Youth Card, travel, courses, culture: discounts!

With National Youth Card if you are between 18 and 35 years oldyou can benefit from many discounts and concessions to travel, attend cultural and entertainment events, attend courses or expand your professional opportunities.

This is the initiative of the Department of Youth Policies and the Universal Public Service, which is aimed at young people, with the aim of offering more opportunities in a wide range of sectors, from entertainment to culture to the world of work.

Applying for the card is easy: you can do it exclusively from the IO app and for this reason it is necessary that those who wish to benefit from it possess a SPID digital identity.

Of we have already talked about how the National Youth Card (or CGN) works. With this article, however, we want to offer one complete list of those who have joined the initiative. It is companies, companies and educational institutions that have decided to make discounts and offers on their products or services available to young people.

Let’s see what it is and what are the initiatives you can take part in if you have applied for the National Youth Card.

National Youth Card, in 2022 discounts on travel, courses, culture: many partners

Since the birth of the initiative, several partners have come forward to offer their goods and services at discounted prices. To date, the companies and organizations that have decided to join the initiative exceed 40.

Each of them offers many offers for young people between 18 and 35 years. Not only on products to buy or services, but also for seize interesting educational or professional opportunities.

The same YouTube channel Ung 2030the official channel of CNG, offers one brief presentation of all partners participating in the initiative which in a few minutes provides information about discounts and benefits for young people:

But how can you get to know all the partners who join the initiative? First, by consulting the official website, there is already one first list of partners from which you can buy and which can also be filtered by category.

Alternatively, it is also possible to check the list of partner companies / organizations directly from the app, by clicking on “See reductions”: here you can, in addition to having all the physical stores or e-commerce stores at your fingertips, as well as educational institutions, get updates on all the active concessions and discounts.

National Youth Card, all discounts and concessions on travel for under 35s

In 2022, thanks to the National Youth Card, people under the age of 35 can enjoy discounts and travel benefits.

Excellent news, especially given the previous two years in which the pandemic and the restrictive measures to limit infections they have put on standby the very possibility of seeing new places and interface with other cultures.

Traveling actually does not just mean having fun and getting away from home for a while. Traveling allows you to expand your horizons, practice speaking new languages, discovering new habits and customs.

It is precisely in this perspective that the initiative for the benefit of young people under 35 has also involved companies and companies which, thanks to discounts and concessions on their services, allow card recipients to move more easily and at reduced prices.

Partners in the travel sector who have joined the National Youth Card initiative include:

Airbnb; Federalberghi; Costa Crociere; Grimaldi lines; Italo; Autogrill; Domec spa (with; Flixbus.

Each of them provides information about the agreements with the Youth Card, as well as all necessary information about concessions and active offers to take advantage of immediately.

National Youth Card, discounts in 2022 for culture, sports and entertainment

As well as for travel, also with regard to the culture and entertainment sector, those under 35 can use the Youth Card to take advantage offers and discounts on shows, events or products which help to increase their cultural background.

There are more discounts on products such as books, e-books or even magazine subscriptions, but also discounts on cinema performances. Not only that, because the National Youth Card can also be used in stores (physical or online) to buy fashion or housing products at a lower price.

If you filter your partner search for culture and entertainment, companies / organizations will appear as:

Culture and Entertainment: La Feltrinelli, Cosmo Editorials, Infoclip, Storytel, Its Art, Live Cinema, UCI Cinemas, Agis (General Italian Entertainment Association), Rinascente; Sports: McFit; Sports and health, tikamp.

Also in this case, by connecting to that site you can get more information about the concessions and discounts that are given. Some sites, like that with Its Art, they also have a section dedicated solely to indications on how to use the youth card.

National Youth Card: discounts and opportunities on educational courses and working life

Speaking of an initiative designed for young people in our country, they could not miss, for the national youth card, partners who offered the opportunity to participate in training courses at subsidized prices or offers to enter working life.

In a country where it is not always easy to start a professional career and where the current active employment policy is not enough to shorten the distance between the training period and working life, The youth card makes it possible to take a small step forward.

Those under the age of 35 have the opportunity to participate courses at subsidy prices, acquire new skills, also be a part of the digital world. Not only that, why with the Youth Card, it is possible to shorten the distance between young people and companies.

Among the partners that offer discounts on training courses or even job offers are:

Goethe Institute; Cervantes Institute (Rome and Milan); Live cinema; Rom Business School; French Institute in Italy; British Council; IDcert; The National Board of Youth Affairs; Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Aforism School of Management; Cambridge Academy SRL.

National Youth Card and environmental sustainability

In addition to vocational training and the world of work, Another significant issue that is particularly close to young people is environmental sustainability.

In fact, young people between the ages of 18 and 35 are much more sensitive to certain problems from previous generations. This is also thanks to a greater attention in relation to environmental sustainability initiatives from companies, organizations and also by the governments of the various countries themselves.

This is why among the partners of the National Youth Card there are also companies such as:

Bad bike; Trædom; 24 bottles; Fri nu; Toogoodtogo.

Other discounts and concessions with the national youth card

To end with the list of partners who have joined the initiative for the National Youth Cardhere are other companies / organizations that have decided to participate by giving discounts and concessions for the purchase of products or services.

In this list there are companies such as Microsoft or Monclick who make their products available at lower prices, but also companies like Fastweb, which offers discounts, but also training courses at Fastweb Academy, Carrefour, Enel Energia.

It is always advisable to visit the relevant websites to find the concessions and offers that are active today.

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