National school strike on May 30 against PNRR Decree 2

School, national strike on May 30, 2022. The unions dispute the content of the PNRR 2 decree, which provides a long possible path for those intending to start teaching, as well as the lack of stabilization of temps. The requests also include the immediate start of negotiations on the renewal of the contract, which has expired for three years. Looking ahead, industry organizations do not rule out abstinence from work even for school polls.

National school strike is set for next May 30th.

All unions are at war on the provisions concerning the world of education contained in Legislative Decree 36 of 30 April 2022so-called PNRR 2.

The settlement attempt on May 9 failedat the center of trade union strife Flc Cgil, Cisl school, Owl school, Snal Confsal And Unams-laugetthere are the new procedures for the recruitment of teaching staff, which provide for a long qualification process, including a university education to achieve 60 pointsa national competition And a trial period of one year with final evaluation, lack of adequate financial resources and lack of stabilization process of the many insecure schools.

But what first and foremost triggered the hostility from the trade union front is the invasion of the field in which the government would have operated with the PNRR 2 decree in area of ​​competence for the negotiations between the parties.

But let’s look in order at the reasons behind the school strike.

National school strike on 30 May 2022: the reasons for the challenge of PNRR Decree 2

Legislative Decree PNRR 2 ai articles 44-45-46-47 deals with the world of the school and provides interventions in the recruitment and training of teachers, with important implications for the level of recruitment and stabilization of insecure workers, which two years ago they could be estimated at around 200,000.

Basically, who wants to teach from May 1 last year, the date of entry into force of the decree, must face an authoritative university course in order to acquire 60 ECTS credits to be completed during the examination process or even subsequently. In addition, the aspiring teacher must also perform one internship period at a school.

But it does not end here, because once the qualification is obtained, you must face a national competition that will be announced with annual frequencyafter which the teacher is subjected to a trial period of one year with final evaluation.

And for those who have already had teaching experiences?

In this case, if you have at least three years of teaching behind him there will bedirect access to the competitionbut any winners must still acquire later 30 university points and pass the qualification test to stay permanent teachers.

Instead, who do not have the three years of teachingmust acquire the first 30 points, including the internship period to enter the competition, after which the other 30 points and the qualification test await them.

In short, a significant obstacle course.

There are also many innovations in the in-service training of permanent teachers, with the establishment of three-year voluntary courses with a final evaluation that can lead to the best participants to receive a one-time salary incentive.

PNRR Decree 2, trade union criticism of school recruitment procedures

The unions are primarily challenging the provisions of the PNRR 2 decree, because in their opinion it will invade competencies that belong to free negotiation between the social partners, such as education and salary.

Of course in the claims platform on which it is advertised strike next 30 May there is also the sore point in the request for an immediate start to the negotiations for extension of the school contract, which has expired for three yearsas well as the teacher education’s attribution to the competencies regardingschool autonomythe reduction of “chicken farm classes“, L ‘facilitating the recruitment of temporary staff with at least three years of service, the forecast for an extraordinary staff to meet the persistent Covid emergencythat strengthening of Ataspecifically school partners, technical and administrative assistants and printing a competition for school leaders.

From this point of view, the comment from the secretary of the Uil school Pino Turi is significant:

Recruitment reform, education and insufficient contractual resources reaffirm that the educated community is under attack and the attack comes from politics.“.

But May 30 does not threaten to be the last stage in the unions’ protest path against the PNRR 2 decree, because the text calling for a day off is also a non-exclusion of voting strike with consequences for students’ families that are easy to understand.

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