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There is no denying that the current MotoGP offers one surprise after another. While the Suzuki case remains unclear, today’s bomb concerns Ducati, and in particular the success of Pecco Bagnaia in Jerez. In fact, the Piedmontese – who ended up under the magnifying glass along with three other drivers – would have won, according to a report from his colleagues from Motorsport Magazine. with a front tire pressure lower than the permissible limit. A serious accusation, made – via colleague Mat Oxley – by an unknown engineer from a rival company, which Gigi Dall’Igna wanted to answer immediately.

“A minimum pressure is provided, ie. 1.9 bar – opens Dall’Igna – but as always When making the rules, you also need to think about how to perform the check, given that if the sensors used by one house are different from those used by another, there is a risk of having a wrong control method. Right now the method by which the sensor signals are obtained is not armored, and therefore anyone can change the signals and then send them to the control unit, which must read them. Ducati has not made any changes to the signals, however I can not rule out that other houses have done so, to pretend to stand in the right pressure window without really being. Another thing to say is that at the moment the data acquired by the control body does not take into account the error that each sensor has, so what may seem values ​​below the minimum may not be. It’s a bit like a speed camera: the exact speed read by it is not taken into account, but the correct one taking into account the error. MSMA (Association of Manufacturers ed) has defined last Friday what are the sensors that all homes will need from 2023, where it will no longer be possible to change them, and next to the rule there will also be a clear system of control of the same “.

Is it therefore possible that other bikes in other races have also ridden with a pressure that is lower than the allowed minimum?

“It is not possible, of course. We know this because data is shared between manufacturers. I do not want to put myself on the same level as the one who has shared this data, but I can say with certainty that other bikes have won with the same “problem”. It is not easy for the front tire to fall within the limits imposed by Michelin: the pressure of this is very much dependent on whether a rider competes in the slipstream or not. If a rider starts to assume a run in the slipstream, the system is set one way, otherwise another, but if the opposite happens, the actual pressures are lower than expected. The correct pressure window is very narrow, and associated with this is a safety issue that we are working on with the other manufacturers and with Michelin with a view to 2023 ”.

Dall’Igna: “No offense”

How do you explain such an attack on Ducati right now?

I do not know, but at the moment I hope it comes out for the next 15 races (laughs red). The important thing is that the data in question is shared both with Michelin and with those who have to carry out the control, but despite this, there were no sanctions. This is due to there is an agreement between the various parties where this year’s data is monitored to have the next one a rule to be implemented and checked correct next year “.

That the control system is so weak and unclear today is strange. Do you agree?

“In fact, it is not like that. There are many rules that have been corrected and administered in the last period: it is a system that is evolving in the right direction, as well as the rule attached to this aspect. We have all asked ourselves even the question of how the control should be carried out, and we develop a precise control method which can not be separated from the rule itself.We all know how things stand today, and we can not talk about an offense because it has been established both by the manufacturers and by Dorna and FIM that the current pressure measurement method is not correct ”.

Is there a real control method to date?

“No but may not exist at the moment due to how the system is set up to date. There have been no tire problems in recent times, but we are working to improve the situation. I’m not worried about the next races as we are all trying to respect the windows that Michelin has imposed ”.

Can we therefore speak of an unjustified polemic?

“I’m not the right person to answer, but I can say that Ducati has not made any controversy over riders from other manufacturers, in previous races, they have achieved some excellent results, even though they are probably not within the correct limits. This is because, as mentioned, the control method is not completely reliable and therefore the current values ​​are worthless, with the same concession from all manufacturers of MSMA “.

After all this chaos, will Ducati work differently? Or will everything remain the same?

“We are continuing exactly as we have done so far, due to we absolutely respect the rules, as always “.

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