Montopoli, ten scooters to teach children about road safety

IN piazza San Matteo i Montopoli i Val d’Arnowas held this morning (May 11) delivery of helmets and scooters of Wolves Group by municipal police. The project fits into one educational path aimed at promoting road safety and it sees the cooperation between the agents, which with i.a. kindergarten, elementary school and middle school children they will try to explain the importance of knowing everything about the road every time you drive a vehicle. In this case, it will be done using ten scooters and helmets offered by Gruppo Lupi, actively engaged in the issue of safety at work, especially given the many deaths that occur precisely due to the lack of adequate safety measures.

“The project consists of teaching children road instruction through play, but in giving them tools to educate their parents on how to be more careful while driving. The idea is to start with the little ones and then get to the middle school kids. We started last year in the school area, – it says Commander of the Municipal Police in Montopoli, Susanna Pisanò – but due to the pandemic we have not been able to make many meetings, while we can now have a little more fun, especially thanks to the help of the scooters, we build an entire route consisting of false traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and road signs for to learn to walk the streets. Later, the children will take a tour of the city with the teachers to learn the road signs that they most often see in the area. This type of approach certainly has an educational purpose, but it is also geared to bring the local police forward as a reference figure to turn to when they have problems and not an instance to fear. If from an early age we teach children to trust institutions, then in their teens they will more willingly turn to the latter ”.

Then he goes on to clarify where the idea of ​​the municipal was born: “Last year we made some fake cars with cardboard, and then the idea of ​​using scooters was born from there; so, the Commissioner Cristina Scali he put us in touch with Gruppo Lupi, who very kindly provided us with ten helmets and ten scooters ”.

In this connection CEO of Lupi Group, Giacomo Gronchi he comments: “In a conversation with the councilor also on other occasions, I had pointed out how our company is engaged in the issue of security, in particular, we thought that if we do not start by giving the young people a kind of culture of the latter in the first place white deaths will increase.It’s a long and complicated process because it requires a lot of resources, but if we do not take these projects to concrete, we will hardly be able to change the culture of the new generations who will look beyond the work; we want to give them a different ideology of life and security than the old ones. In fact, training is the basis for the fall in occupational accidents: that is what will save tomorrow’s workers. For this reason, we supported it when we were introduced to this project, which includes security in one of its many meanings. The words used on this subject are important, but it is even more important to put them into practice in the territory, and that is what we are trying to do. “

Even the mayor of Montopoli, Giovanni Capecchi he thanks for the project: “We thank both Lupi Group, who we knew would have accepted our invitation given the sensitivity it has to these issues. We also thank the municipal police, who have devised this initiative based on children. Cooperation between institutions and entrepreneurs is certainly essential in our area, has an important value and allows us to carry out many important projects. Many thanks to all. “

“The project would be aimed at primary schools, but the kindergartens have also asked us to participate in it – they say the selected assistant Valentina Picci and the agent Morena Paolini That is why we will have two meetings with the nursery mothers in Capanne, where we will explain the signs in the first, with a tour of the village to see them visually, and next time we will take them on a path where at. eventually they will be issued with a license “.

He also participated in the implementation of the initiative agent Monica Savino who was not present this morning. The project also continues in the summer through the summer camps.

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