Modern bathrooms: ideas to decorate it in 2021

THAT modern bathrooms, you know they have a place of honor in an interior design project. For several years, their role has no longer been marginal and only functional for a household’s daily life, but on the contrary, it has become more and more important to become a environment with relaxation, comfort and design. A space that from a service environment has become a place dedicated to privacy to be treated with one modern and trendy furniture for bathroom. Big or small, yours furniture remains a topic of study, and to improve it requires the development of some ideas. We have gathered more on how to decorate to the best small modern bathrooms, and on how to enhance the bathroom with the modern, industrial and Scandinavian style, among the most popular currently in the field of interior design. THAT modern bathroomsat Elle Decor they find more their expression smart.

Modern bathrooms: what must not be missing

Finding the right one furniture for a modern bathroom it requires commitment and study. It is a process dictated by maintaining the stylistic continuation with the rest of the house’s spaces, where even the slightest out of tone element destroys its harmony. But in case of modern bathroomsthe range of furniture and bathroom fixtures is so wide that the option to choose from combinations and components it will potentially be infinite. When it comes to furnish modern bathroomsin fact, a galaxy of compositions, furniture and details opens up. Choosing the best solutions will make the bathroom environment not just a space functionalbut also of aesthetic beauty.

To furnish a modern bathroom the best thing to do is to identify the elements that are combined research, design and innovation in favor of an avant-garde style. In this sense the perfect solution tofurniture for a modern bathroom it is available in compact and at the same time practical furniture. Chests of drawers, wall elements or mirrors that they are hiding shelves is a true dictation, as ductile and versatile materials with a thousand uses: marble, ceramics, ecomalta and milltek, very important in the production of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture.

to decorate the bathroom in industrial style

Decorate modern and design bathrooms

Modern bathrooms from industrial style they represent a visually striking solution that uses materials and essential lines. It is played on transparencies and materials such as concrete, metal and glass the result is one modern bathroom furniture and trendy. Born of the combination of minimal style, modern style and vintage elements, a bathroom with an industrial aesthetic is a choice that convinces many interior design enthusiasts and experts.

This style consists of a color palette that tends to dark colors reminiscent of the industrial atmospheres of the early 1900s, therefore black, dark gray and mahogany. Of course, there is no shortage of elements of light that break up and highlight the harshness of these industrial shades. Finish and details in gold or pearl white make an elegant modern bathroom in industrial style . One idea to play with contrasts, however, is to focus on color elements bronze or copper, which warms the environment and makes it more welcoming. The special thing about these modern bathrooms is that they do not want to hide components such as pipes or valves, which on the contrary should be highlighted because they are integral parts of the environment in which they find themselves.

Modern bathrooms: how to decorate them

Decorate a modern bathroomor in Scandinavian style it is a very popular choice that owes its success to the brightness and versatility of this aesthetic. Modern bathrooms with a Scandinavian taste, they are an excellent solution in homes where you are master neutral palette composed of colors such as white, beige and gray. The furnitures for this type modern bathrooms focus on three keywords: minimalism, brightness and nuance. ideas for furnish modern bathrooms contain a selection of furniture based on functionality and philosophy of less is more: strengthened by the Nordic concept that everything must have its own space, for design bathrooms you do not give up anything, but do not go overboard with the furniture. The compositions must be reduced to a minimum, but they will be the large protagonists of the room, capturing the gaze and attention of those who enter the environment. As the Scandinavian style consists of bright and light colors, it will be important to improve this function with colors and materials that reflect sunlight. Forfurniture for a modern bathroom you will have to bet on birch wood, on marble, on metal and on ceramics to suggest a sober but also welcoming and warm atmosphere. Find inspiration for furnish modern bathrooms it gets easier with groundbreaking and effective design solutions.

modern bathroom

Ideas for decorating small modern bathrooms

What are the best ideas to optimize the space on one modern bathroom?

Design bathrooms they do not have to fit into a large floor plan, but they also fit perfectly reduced seats. In fact, it is precisely from the study of the decor of the furniture that the true potential of one modern bathroom. In many apartments, the space must be dedicated to other functions, and it is not uncommon to have to organize one. small bathroom. The best tricks for furnish modern bathrooms consist of arranging the bathroom furniture as best as possible and subsequent furniture and decorations. In details:

  • place the bathroom fixtures and the shower in the corners, possibly on the same page. In this way, a wall will be designed to accommodate these components, which are the most bulky. The adjacent or opposite will contain the furniture and weights necessary to contain all the objects.
  • visually expand the space with a large wall mirror. It will reflect a lot of light and make the room even wider, which is very important in a modern bathroom with respect for itself. As an alternative to the mirror, you can choose a composition of effect lamps that immediately catch the attention.
  • ban on monochrome. An environment that contains only one color and few textures is automatically muted and depressed. The solution is to choose clear palettes and elements that suggest lightness and softness, with harmonious and regular lines.

    Components that enrich modern bathrooms they are plants and pots. A touch of green can not be missing in each furniturebut it will be necessary to be careful not to exaggerate their presence in small modern bathrooms. A reasonable compromise is given by small plants that may be contained in a shelf pot, or by creepers.

    In the opening image: modern bathroom in the transparent house designed by Vn-a (Visual Network Art Architecture) on the outskirts of Hanoi

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