Maturity 2022, chairman of the commission: in a few days the combination with the school and the commission

The future Commission Presidents for the final state examination in the second cycle of education as 2021/22 submitted an application by 12 April 2022 and on 9 May the school offices published the lists. Here are the schools where you can not be nominated and personal circumstances hamper the position.

Questions President

Candidates, in order to be nominated as chair of the Second Class State Exam as 2021/22, submitted two separate questions from March 24 to April 12, 2022:

  1. application for inclusion in the regional list of committee chairs (by completing the ES-E form online);
  2. application for appointment as President of the Commission (by completing the ES-1 form at Online Instances).

We point out that non-submission of the application for chairmanship (ES-1 model) precludes participation in the nomination procedure, even though the request for inclusion in the regional list of Commission Presidents has been submitted (ES-E model).


The Commission Presidents are appointed by the Head of the USR, who draws from the regional list of Commission Presidents and uses the information system.

To learn more about the order of precedence in appointments and the territorial phases of the appointment, read “Mature 2022, President of the Commission: order of appointments from the regional and non-regional list. Office work”

Compulsory auctions

Article 11 of OM n. 66/2022 specifies the educational institutions where one cannot be appointed in accordance with the provisions of section 13 of Ministerial Order no. 183/2019.

THAT presidentspursuant to the aforesaid provision, they can not be named in the examination boards that operate:

  • in the service seed school (also with reference to the educational institutions for completing the service form), including the detached sections, the coordinated offices, the aggregated schools, the associated sections;
  • in the schools in the school district of the place of employmentexcept for the provisions of Article 17 (on the basis of which, in provinces with a maximum of 4 districts, when the territorial phases of the appointment are completed, if it is not possible to appoint the presidents of all the examination boards, serve as chairmen of committees in the same service district);
  • at schools where they have already completed two consecutive timesin the two preceding school years the office of President or External Commissioner;
  • in the schools where they served in the previous two school yearsincluding teachers who have taught, duly authorized, both in state institutions and in peer institutions.

Conditions that hinder employment

In addition to the aforementioned restrictions regarding the seats where they cannot be appointed, the presidents can not be appointed (in any seat) due to personal circumstances that prevent their appointment (Article 12 OM No. 66/2022).

Personal circumstances that prevent the employment are:

  • has received criminal convictions or has an ongoing criminal case for which criminal prosecution has been formally initiated;
  • have ongoing disciplinary proceedings;
  • within the last two years, disciplinary sanctions higher than the minimum sanction have been imposed;
  • be on leave or in any case absent from service, provided that return to service is expected after the date of commencement of the examination;
  • be out of office or used for other tasks in accordance with the applicable national collective agreements;
  • be in a position with compulsory or optional leave from work in accordance with Legislative Decree n. 151/2001 and subsequent amendments and additions;
  • be on leave or a union posting;
  • internal commissioners are appointed;
  • teach in state institutions and at the same time in peer institutions;
  • replace the headmaster during the state examination if he or she has submitted an application for appointment as chairman of the state examination commissions;
  • has been absent for at least 90 days and returns to service after 30 April 2022;
  • has been transferred from the service school due to environmental incompatibility.


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