Masks in school without reason / Ministry document “we have no scientific studies”


It’s quite strange – if not really embarrassing – what appeared in a scoop of “Fuori dal Coro” that already appeared a few days earlier on “Arezzoweb”: The Ministry of Health does not know the reasons why the obligation to wear a mask in school has been extended for children over 6 years.

Written like this obviously looks like a nice “shot” catcher ready to be denied by some professional debunker (or supposedly so), but follow us and anything more than the “hoax” you will understand that is downstairs. Mario Giordano’s broadcast reveals a journalist’s scoop Marco Gaiazzi who drew a rather “disturbing” document from the Ministry of Health, apparently waiting for it to be confirmed as genuinely authentic and signed by the Director-General for Prevention in the Ministry, Dr. Gianni Rezza. It is a letter sent by the former member of CTS Rezza to the Cabinet Office of the Ministry and to some other recipients: the letter, which also appeared in the local newspaper in Arezzo, would be a response to a group of citizens (perhaps lawyers) and associations) who they asked for a copy of the documentation “which certifies studies and risks / benefits calculated on the basis of the long-term daily use of the aforementioned Apvr imposed on minors from 6 years, which can demonstrate the usefulness of the device without having consequences for psychophysical health“. As Deputy Director Francesco Borgonovo points out in” La Verità “, this request letter is nothing more than a attempts to understand why the masks in school has been extended as an obligation despite the loss of almost all other rules from 1 May onwards (with the same Mario Draghi who, according to various backgrounds, would have pressed for the abandonment of any kind of commitment, and found the ironic opposition of the ministers Hope and Bianchi).


But it’s the answer from the Ministry of Health that leaves us confused: it document displayed from “Fuori dal Coro” it says: “It is noted in this connection that this administration, as far as it is concerned, does not have the specific documentation required.“.

In short, Minister Speranza’s closest collaborator does not know / does not have scientific studies that support the obligation to wear masks in schools for children. While we wait for the Ministry of Health to deny this document, or even if it provides scientific data to accompany this decision, there is strong doubt that we are facing an “ethical”, “moral”, “symbolic” obligation. … no one takes it off. Borgonovo rightly remembers how much the same thing in his “j’accuse” on “La Verità” dr. Rezza he explained on the subject of masks in school only a few weeks ago: “The mask in closed places may represent a moral duty for those who have symptoms. And at the same time a healthy dish for those who want to protect themselves“. Not only that, in early April he repeated”Given the high circulating rate of the virus, it is advisable to maintain cautious behavior using masks in enclosed, overcrowded places and wherever there is a risk of infection.As is often observed in the two years of the Covid emergency, the experts themselves are divided on the same issue with cross-cutting and opposing views: “Out of the choir” asked for clarification on the subject in order to Maria Rita GismondoDirector of Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Biodegradation Diagnosis at Luigi Sacco Hospital, «Rezza dissociates itself from the provision. It is a political decision. There is no scientific data to show that the use of masks in children reduces the risk of Covid. “. In addition to the different opinions, the data on strong doubts remain: they are taken important measures to the Ministry of Health without scientific reasons?


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