Houses in a modern industrial style: smart and design

Born as a natural decorative solution for renovated rooms house in modern industrial style it is a much sought after choice for those who furnish from scratch and also for those who are thinking of a light restyling. Concrete, iron, exposed bricks: the elements of a house in industrial style modern is found above all in the finishes. Not surprisingly, this aesthetic comes from the transformation of industrial architecture in home. And instead of covering the past of these spaces, its peculiarities have become an aesthetic code that is so popular and valued that it is even simulated, in some cases. interior design, supplements and also accessories which without disturbing the atmosphere manages to add industrial accents. And, also given the popularity of this furniture trend, many industrial decor they are designed to live in harmony in any kind of environment.


The furniture that fits best in an industrial style living room is definitely the one that is in iron. A very popular finish, especially among those vintage suggestions from the first half of the 20th century, mainly in terms of lighting. This choice is then accompanied by the use of forms openly inspired by the industrial world, such as lamps designed by Le Corbusier edited today by Nemo. Or it could be the material to be used for an important custom-made piece of furniture such as a bookcase.

regarding padded and textile worldthe choice is oriented towards substances from neutral toner that easily adapts to any context. A choice with a stronger personality can also be the skin captain. But there is no shortage of more eclectic possibilities, perhaps related to color: the yield will be particularly strong because the neutral background typical of industrial style it represents an ideal base to enhance this type of decoration.

Black micro topping from Ideal Work


It is not only on existing architecture that an industrial style house can be built. If the signs of the past are elements that need to be improved, it is possible to create this base based on specific finishes. At the top of the list is resins and microcementmaterials suitable for any surface, both on walls than on ceiling. Then there are the windows, but also elements of internal architecture such as the structure of one mezzanine or the handrail of the stairs to be chosen in black iron, even better if it is sandblasted with the typical opaque plaster. Alternatively, you can choose a chrome plating. Metal can also be useful in the structure of one glass wallperhaps for separating the kitchen from the living room, or for a load-bearing structure to replace wall partitions removed from the original facility.

Factory kitchen from Aster

A modern kitchen in industrial style

The success of this style can also be measured by the ability to find smart industrial environments in the entire house. Of all the spaces, the one that offers the most solutions in this sense is definitely the one kitchen. There are many proposals from companies in the sector: In recent years, kitchen models have been presented, which not only with the choice of materials, but also with construction solutions, especially exposed metal profiles, both for the exposed wall elements and for building the island volumes. But kitchen it is in some ways chosen to style features of modern industrial design: an interesting decorative result can be achieved by improving the more technical aspects. For example, by focusing on the many options for proposing the chrome finishersstainless steelfrom countertops to faucets, a material that fits well exposed bricks and black metalless with the finishes a concrete effect. The much-needed lighting in the kitchen is another element to composing a perfect industrial style in a modern kitchen, focusing on the bright spots on the work areas with hangers or even better arm lamps.


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