Hackathon in school 2022: two winners and an honorable mention for Liceo Majorana

Set three teams of the three years of Liceo Majorana. Put the determination, energy and desire to try yourself at a virtual marathon where children, teachers, experts and mentors from all over Italy were involved, each with their own cultural background and skills.

Put together the amazing teamwork that underlies many, if not all, IISST Orvieto projects and activities. Hackathon in the 2022 school, a national event just concluded confirmed to be time for action. And what an action!The female students in the front row came together to face great challenges, solve a problem and build an idea for the future. We were able to feed the ecosystem, learn to work as a team, discover the value in diversity, prototype, experiment, redesign, restart and create ideas that generate a positive impact on the community.

There were 8 challenges suggested by Hackathon in the 2022 school – Time for action! Fifteen students from the triennium of Majorana Gymnasium, divided into three teams, which was accompanied by the wise guidance of three teachers with unique determination, they chose one of the eight challenges (the challenges), and discovered themselves as protagonists in the transition. During a fantastic virtual marathon, each team was engaged in the planning and preparation of a project aimed at solving a problem and building an idea for the future.

Problem solving is nothing more than the ability to identify the fastest and most effective solution to a problem. It is easy to believe that this is an inherent skill of any individual, but problem solving is not limited to practicing common sense or the result of past experience, as it requires much deeper skills, including lateral thinking, work team, emotional intelligence, and decision-making ability. low skills.

At the end of this experience, the words of Gabriele Laffranchi, Professor and Director of Cosmopolites, are still impressed, thus addressing all the girls and boys who took part in this year’s initiative: “You have been able to surprise us, and together we have been able to change a piece of school. The school wants to be a place where you are the main characters, where you are listened to. That’s why Hackathon was born in school. “

All three teams of Liceo Majorana who participated in this initiative received an award. Two of the three teams were the winners of two of the eight challenges proposed for the Hackathon, and one received an honorable mention. Here is the list of the winning teams with the jury’s motivation and the challenges they participated in.

INTEGRAL ECOLOGY – Winners of this category

Project: Ecomanager
Hold: Ecoplayers
Valerio Ferrante, Matteo Cherubini, Ilaria Pelliccia, Rocco Pimponi, Matteo Salticchioli (Class 5SA2 – Liceo Scientifico Possibility of Applied Science) – prof.ssa Valentina Averardi

When young people decide to talk to young people about the environment and integrated ecology, and to do so in an authentic way, in their own way and no one else’s, the most creative, innovative, interactive projects are born that are capable of engage, raise awareness, play. For this reason, the team has hit the mark in the spirit of youth language and the dissemination of good practice to change their behavior and make them virtuous.

SOCIAL INNOVATION – Winners of this category

Project: I Care
Team: Innovative generation
Chiara Cioci, Chiara Marchi, Giorgio Proietti, Benedetta Patassini, Filippo Sberna (class 4S3 – Scientific High School) – Prof. Giulia Ruina

The project stands out for its very strong connections to the outside world with a broad and contextual vision: circular economy, mobility, beauty, territorial development, dialogue with the administration. Carefully selected keywords: “community plants”, “community in action” for a social weaving of a territorial nature. There is a good protagonism, a surplus of goals that the different energies of the participants can be directed towards, and an approach to genuine active citizenship. The team collected feedback in an open and constructive way and understood the feeling of collaborating for innovation.

NETWORK – honorable mention

Team: GreenNet
Jacopo D’Avino, Francesca Lo Conte, Patrizio Peparello, Matteo Proietti, Beatrice Trippini (Class 4S3 – Scientific High School) – Prof. Tiziana Mari

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