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CHRONICLE. Fake Veritas technicians roam the houses and rob them

There have been reports of the presence of fake Veritas technicians wearing visible vests with the words “Aqueduct” walking around the houses, saying there has been a gas leak nearby and that they need to check inside the house to check, whether the water pipes have also been damaged. Then the scammers steal money and valuables after they have come in and distracted the unfortunates with an apology. Veritas states that none of its technicians are authorized to perform home inspections except at the user’s specific request. Veritas therefore urges citizens not to lock persons who qualify as Veritas technicians into the home (unless at the express request of the user himself).

CHRONICLE. A memorandum of understanding has been signed against fraud and abuse in the use of PNRR funds

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed today, Tuesday 10 May, between the Metropolitan City of Venice, the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza and the Municipality of Venice to ensure transparency and fairness in the use of National Recovery and Resilience (PNRR) funds. ), with particular regard to cases of fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest and double payments. All details in our information portal newsplus.it.

HEALTH. Control of the right to exemption from payment of tickets: Ulss 4 informs

As part of the investigations into the right to exemption from paying for special outpatient services due to financial circumstances, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance removed from the lists of beneficiaries about 2,500 people living in the Ulss 4 area. , Ulss 4 The Company has begun sending the notice of revocation of the exemption to the directly interested parties. Those who have received the letter, and still believe that they meet the requirements to access the exemption, with reference to the total income of the family unit in the year 2021, can send a self-certification certifying it, through the various available channels: for mail to the territorial registration offices; by ordering access to the offices of the health register; by phone on 0421-1547154; with the “iCUP Mobile” application or on the Ulss 4 website by clicking on “iCUP: CUP on-line. The self-certification form to be sent by e-mail is available on the website: salute.regione.veneto.it by clicking in the “services” section and then “self-certification models”.

HEALTH. Ulss 3, “The Observatory on Housing Structures for the Elderly” was born

An ongoing discussion form with periodic meetings on Retirement Homes: Ulss 3 Serenissima and the unions make up it with a specific memorandum of understanding: “We are convinced together – explains Dr. Massimo Zuin, Director of Social and Health Services – that it is necessary to continue the work of combating the spread of the virus within the facilities for the elderly in order to protect the health of both RSA’s guests and the operators working there. In a specific and limited context, Covid19 and the actions stood to fight the infection against each other; and unfortunately, given the current spread of the virus, the time has not yet come to fail our guard ”. The unions consider it necessary to strengthen all synergies with the health service, in order to promote the conditions for recovery and overall stability in our social health system: “We are convinced that with this tool we will be able to respond better at the stage we stand. facing, who must necessarily see all the protagonists of the system united, in order to have valid services and excellent quality of work in housing and development assistance structures.

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