Events for children in Lombardy on the weekend of 19 and 20 February 2022

In this article, you will find some of the events for children in Lombardy scheduled for the weekend of February 19 and 20, 2022. Between games and fun workshops, you will be spoiled for choice!

Exhibitions in Milan

Geronimo Stilton Live Experience: traveling through time

Among the exhibitions in Milan, one can not fail to mention the first exhibition dedicated to Geronimo Stilton, to see, at the world premiere, at the Fabbrica del Vapore.

Visitors will take on one fascinating journey through timewith tests to be overcome and puzzles to be solved to learn while having fun, thanks to a scenographic setup full of surprises, interactive games and driving Time Ranger. You will be able to explore the lost world of the dinosaurs, the mysterious of the ancient Egyptians and the adventurous on Treasure Island to reach the road, at the end of the journey, in the present.

  • Where is it: Milano steam factory
  • When: from January 15 to March 20, 2022
  • Cost: adults 18 euros; children from 4 to 12 years 12 euros; children and teenagers from 13 to 26 years 15 euros; free admission for children under 4 years. Family packages are available.
  • Useful info: for information and reservations, click here

If you are curious to find out what other exhibitions in Milan we recommend you visit with children, read our article.

Events for children in Milan and its province

Pimp and puss in boots!

WOW Didactics weekend workshops are back for a visit!

Sunday, February 20 a new deal with Pimpa. You will discover how the cute little white dog with red dots gets to know Puss in Boots and what wonderful adventures they will have together!

Activity carried out in collaboration with Franco Cosimo Panini Ragazzi, included in the program of La Città dei Catti.

The workshop is for children from 4 years of age.

  • Where is it: WOW space
  • When: February 20, 2022, at 15.30-16.30
  • Cost: € 10 (material included)
  • Useful info: reservation required before Saturday, January 19 at

Friends with wings!

Environmental education (6-10 years)

Winter is a difficult season for wildlife. By offering them the right food, we can help and observe them closely. Workshop for the construction of do-it-yourself cribs with curiosities and anecdotes about the birds present in Cascina.

  • Where is it: Cascina Biblioteca, via Casoria 50 Milano
  • When: February 20, 2022, at 11.00
  • Cost: 12 euros
  • Useful info: for reservations write to

Sunday at the Hippodrome

In addition to the show, many races are planned free activities dedicated to children: from the exciting baptism of the saddle on ponies up to Harry Potter-themed workshopsall the while enjoying free cotton candy and popcorn for an afternoon of partying and fun.

  • Where is it: Snai La Maura Hippodrome in Milan
  • When: February 20 and 27, March 6 and 13, 2022
  • Useful info: contact the Hippodrome directly by calling the number 02 482161

Discover Leonardo da Vinci: guided tour

Every Saturday at 4.30pma guide will take you to the halls in Leonardo3 Museumwhere you find out anecdotes and curiosities up codes, cars, paintings And drawings by Leonardo da Vinci.

That Leonardo3 Museum represents oneunique opportunity to discover Leonardo’s genius.

  • Where is it: Leonardo 3 Museum, Piazza alla Scala, entrance to the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, Milan
  • When: Every Saturday at 16.30
  • Useful info: click here


The creative recycling center Remida Milano reopens the doors for boys and girls for fun searches with in corporate waste materials.

The proposed experiments are divided into two areas: material paintings (children can create imaginative paintings with recycled materials) and constructivity (children have a large selection of materials to use to build, try new balances and give vent to their imagination).

  • Where is it: Muba – Children’s Museum of Milan (via Besana 12)
  • When: 19 and 20 February 2022 at 9.30, 11.30, 14.30 and 16.30
  • Cost: children 10 euros, adults 8 euros.
  • Useful info: for reservations click here


The exhibition Nature was born with the aim of expanding the capacity for observation, providing tools that facilitate the exploration of nature and suggesting activities and experiences that cannot be found “outside” in a traditional naturalistic situation.

The exhibition game in particular intends to make proposals with the aim of stimulating curiosity through four categories of sensory perception space, fabric, form And Colour fell on just as many play areas.

  • Where is it: Muba – Children’s Museum of Milan (via Besana 12)
  • When: 19 and 20 February 2022
  • Cost: children 10 euros, adults 8 euros
  • Useful info: for reservations click here

Design par

A workshop dedicated to the little ones designed to allow children to interact with the design world.

After a visit to the Museum of Italian Design, characterized by many objects in different colors and shapes, children are invited to participate in a memory game. A revised version of the classic pairing card game, with special attention to the design world and with special and new rules.

  • Where is it: Triennale in Milan
  • When: February 20 at 3:30 p.m.
  • Cost: 10 euros (child), 8.50 euros (adult, maximum one adult per child) – including ticket to visit the Museum of Italian Design.
  • Useful info: for reservations click here

Roaring comics for wild children, drawing workshop for children

The drawing workshop Roaring comics for wild children, edited by Vinci Cardona, is divided into three independent modules dedicated to the language of comics and its rulesexplained through play and practical experiments.

  • Where is it: Wow Comic Space Milan (viale Campania 12)
  • When: Saturday, February 19, 2022 at 15.30
  • Cost: expenses for attending individual meetings 25 euros children (stated age, from 7 years) while the subscription to the 3 modules has a price of 65 euros.
  • Useful info: write to

In Search of the Lost Identity: The Adventures of Dana and Taro

An afternoon of entertainment and fun, an event available And outdoor where children (recommended age 4-8 years) can play, face small challenges, learn songs, nursery rhymes and above all know the story of Dana and Tarotwo characters, two friends who are unable to find each other due to an invisible monster who lives on anger and fear.

To defeat him, they need the help of children who love them and can follow them and help them in their adventures in search of their lost treasure: gemstones scattered throughout Milan, contained in Gioiometro. The two characters are played Daniela Iotti And Paolo Pavesi.

  • Where is it: the courtyard of Scuola San Pio V, via Ennio 16 in Milan (next to the Oscar Theater)
  • When: Sunday, February 20, 2022 from 3pm to 6pm
  • Cost: available
  • Useful info: reservations are recommended by writing to or by calling 02 5455511 and 335 5294652

Life as … star!

Stars are also born, evolve and eventually die. Times are certainly not what we are used to: A star can last 15/20 billion years, and even more. Not having the luck to witness their entire lives, we just have to explore the sky in search of clues about their evolution and even push ourselves into the deepest spaces, including stars, constellations and planets.

The show is part of the “Young Astronomers Club” trail for kids: If you manage to collect four different titles, you can collect the exclusive “Star Hunter” emblem!

Astronomy show for children from 6 years and up

  • Where is it: Planetarium in Milan
  • When: February 20, 2022, at 11.00, 14.30, 16.30, 18.00
  • Cost: Full ticket € 5.00 +1.5 reduced € 3 + 1.5
  • Useful info: Tickets can only be purchased online

Events for children in Brescia and its province

On the road

Freely inspired by the book On The Road by Jack Kerouac, the show sees, in a delicate balance between circus and theater, five characters who, oppressed by the society they live in, want to escape, travel and discover where a breath of wind . will take them. They embark on a journey to find themselves, and their personal experience will serve to reflect on happiness as a collective project.

All between gestures, breathtaking acrobatics, juggling, aerial disciplines and many other spectacular techniques. On the Road is a show that should excite and entertain: it is the first step towards the beginning of a journey …

  • Where is it: Cinema Theater Garden – Viale April 28 – Breno
  • When: February 19, 2022, at 15.30
  • Cost: € 6
  • Useful info: Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office at the Teatro delle Ali in Via Maria SS. Guadalupe 5 in Breno, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. Or at the box office at the Teatro Giardino (in Viale on April 28, also in Breno) on program days, starting from 45 minutes before the start of each performance. Telephone reservations are not accepted.

I like

The show tells the story of an orphaned girl who lives with a very special grandmother in a place where legends often mix with reality. From her grandmother’s stories, the little girl learns everything there is to know about witches, how to recognize them, because apparently always says little or nothing about the substance of things, and of course how to defend oneself.

By chance, during a holiday, the little girl discovers that the witches at her hotel are holding a conference to plan a terrible project: with an elixir, they will turn all the children into mice.

It will be the little girl, albeit transformed into a mouse, who will save the world of childhood from the witch’s plan by using their own drink.

  • Where is it: S. Michele Rivoltella Theater – Via Benedetto Croce – Desenzano
  • When: February 20, 2022, at 16.00
  • Cost: Adults Euro 5 – Reduced Euro 3 – Under 15 Euro 1
  • Useful info: click here

Events for children in Pavia and its province


An unknown message and a mysterious code to decipher it: will you test yourself by facing a fascinating journey into the world of electricity and technology? Get ready to learn about many interesting inventions and discoveries related to the world of electricity, technology and their applications: Only in this way will you be able to get to the head of an authentic…. Enigma!

Game visits for families with 7-12 year old children

  • Where is it: Electric Technique Museum, Via Adolfo Ferrata, 6, Pavia
  • When: Saturday, February 19, 2022 at 15.00
  • Cost: € 5.00 pr. person + reduced admission ticket (except free of charge, where applicable)
  • Useful info: click here

Events for children in Monza and its province

Small footprints – The embrace of the wind

“Walk in the white”. Have you ever tried to immerse yourself in the magical purity of the white color?

After a short introductory story, the sympathetic Pin hedgehog will accompany you in a fun warm-up motor game, then move on to the adventurous search for the whitest natural material that is in the meadows and forests around Cascina Costa Alta.

  • Where is it: Cascina Costa Alta, Monza park
  • When: February 20 at 9:30 p.m.
  • Cost: € 15.00 + Entrance ticket for children and adults
  • Useful info: click here

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