Dragons in the White House with the Bide. Horror in Ukraine: 44 bodies found in Izyum

War in Ukraine in real time.

22.43 In Ukraine, Ukrainian forces recaptured four villages in the Kharkiv region. This was reported by the General Staff of Kiev in its latest update of the situation on the spot.
According to Kiev, Russia continues to intensify its offensive in eastern Ukraine, the greatest activity is observed in the direction of Slobozhanske and Donetsk, while the battle for Izyum is still raging. But the progress of the Russian troops in many other areas would prove fruitless. Kiev also confirms that much of the Russian effort remains focused on the attack on the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol.

22.17 The Ukrainian intelligence service believes that the grain that the Russians have stolen is already in the Mediterranean: this was announced by the Ministry of Defense in Kiev, according to which the grain is already being sent abroad.
“The most likely destination is Syria. Wheat could be smuggled from there to other Middle Eastern countries.”

21.15 A drone taken off from Sigonella, the call sign Forte 11, has been flying over the Black Sea for several hours and tracked, according to the Flightradar website, a kind of ribbon in the sky around the Ukrainian military theater. Meanwhile, the American aircraft carrier Truman has arrived in Naples. It is a planned visit, but according to the Twitter account, the ship will serve as a starting point for Air Police’s missions from the Mediterranean.

20.18 Premier Draghi meets US President Biden in the White House, who welcomes him into the oval space and begins: “We have many things to talk about”. “Putin was thinking of sharing us, he failed”, Draghi replied, emphasizing again: “In Italy and Europe we want the end of this butcher shop”.

18.55 “Yesterday’s day and night were very difficult.” So says the Archbishop of Kiev Sviatoslav Shevchuk and condemns “a brutal missile attack” that hit “Odessa and its region” yesterday. In the daily video message, the leader of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church adds that “heavy fighting is present on all front lines in the east and south”.

17.35 Russia could try to intercept weapons sent to Ukraine “in the coming weeks”. This is the warning from the US Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, in a hearing in the Senate Defense Commission. Haines also warned of a possible “revenge” from Moscow against the sanctions.

16.57 Russian forces have resumed the attack on the Azovstal steelworks, where hundreds of fighter jets continue to resist, talking of 34 airstrikes in the last 24 hours. According to Kiev, about a hundred civilians are still in the facility.

15.46 Belarus has deployed special forces at its borders with Ukraine, claiming that it is a defensive mobilization following the strengthening of Kiev’s armed forces across the border. “In the southern operational direction, a group of up to 20,000 people created by the Ukrainian Armed Forces demands our response. The special operational forces, deployed in three tactical directions, guarantee security in Belarus,” said Belarusian Chief of Staff Viktor Gulevich. quoted by UNIAN.

12.32 Dozens of bodies of Russian soldiers were left on the battlefield and in the houses of the villages liberated by Ukrainian soldiers in the Kharkiv region. This was stated on Telegram by the head of the regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov, reported by Ukrinform. “We find their bodies on the streets, in the houses, they were not even buried, they left them in the landfills. When they retire, they do not take the bodies of their soldiers. This testifies once again to their ethics, principles and rules for warfare, ”Sinegubov said.

11.54 More than a thousand Ukrainian fighters, including hundreds of wounded, are still at the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol. This was announced by Kiev. “After the evacuation of civilians, more than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers remain in the underground tunnels of the Azovstal plant,” Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk explained. “Hundreds are injured, some seriously and require emergency evacuation. The situation is deteriorating every day,” he added.

10.50 The Russian forces have thwarted several attempts by Ukrainian troops in the last two days to recapture the island of Snakes in the Black Sea, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, which has been taken over by the BBC. Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov explained that Ukraine has made “several attempts” at air and sea attacks on the island. And he added that more than 50 Ukrainian soldiers were killed during the consolidation efforts on the island. “The bodies of 24 dead Ukrainian soldiers were left on the shores of Snake Island,” Konashenkov wrote on Telegram.

10.16 Ukrainian journalist and blogger Oksana Gaidar was killed in a bomb attack in the Kiev region. This was announced by the President of Ukraine’s National Union of Journalists Sergiy Tomilenko, quoted by UNIAN, and explained that the death dates back to March 11 or 12, when Russian artillery hit Shevchenkove in the Brovary district. The reporter died with his mother Lydia. Oksana Gaidar was known for her historical publications and social media under the pseudonym Ruda Pani, in which she criticized the Russian government’s imperial ambitions and desire to establish control over Ukraine. Tomilenko added that Gaidar wrote her essays and commentaries from Moscow, where she had lived with her husband and son, but had returned to Ukraine to be close to her mother after the Russian invasion began.

9.33 The bodies of 44 civilians were found under the rubble of a building in Izyum in the Kharkiv region of western Ukraine. This was announced by the head of the Regional Military Administration of Kharkiv, Oleg Sinegubov, on Telegram, according to reports from the Ukrainian agency UNIAN. “In the temporarily occupied city of Izyum, the bodies of 44 civilians were found from the rubble of a five-storey building destroyed by residents in the first decade of March. “This is another horrific war crime by the Russian occupiers against civilians,” he said.

8.54 The Kiev army is working on a military plan to rescue the fighter jets from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. Former head of the Azov regiment Maxim Zhorin said in an exclusive interview with Canale 24 reported by UNIAN and stressed that this path is followed in parallel with the diplomatic channels already open. Zhorin announced the preparations for the military operation and explained that they are being developed with the leadership of the Ukrainian armed forces. But, he explained, it will first be necessary to complete the military equipment and the supply of weapons. “I’m not sure the fighter jets in the Azovstal territory currently have that much time, so we are preparing and working in parallel in two directions: diplomatic and military to get them out,” he said. The operation “could be in stages by grouping the units,” he said.

8.30 Kiev believes that “the possibility of sabotage by the Russian invaders of the chemical industry in Ukraine” is not ruled out. This was written in the latest morning bulletin reported by Ukrinform, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, in which artillery attacks “along the entire line of contact” to the east and the continuous bombing of Mariupol’s Azovstal are confirmed.

8.04 Three Kinzhal missiles – Russia’s new hypersonic missiles – were fired last night from a plane at a hotel in the Odessa area, also hitting a shopping mall with seven other missiles. This was announced by Sergey Bratchuk, spokesman for the Odessa Regional Military Administration, quoted by CNN as geolocating and verifying the authenticity of two videos circulating on social media showing significant damage to the Zatoka tourist facility. Russian units attacked the city yesterday using submarines, ships and planes. CNN says it is unclear why the hotel was affected and who or what it could host. Seven other missiles were rained down over a mall.

7.57 Russian forces carry out attack operations at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, where hundreds of Ukrainian fighters continue to endure the attacks. This is stated by the Kiev Ministry of Defense, according to reports from the BBC. An adviser to Mariupol’s mayor, Petro Andriushchenko, said the Russian army had begun besieging the factory after a UN convoy left the Donetsk region. The Russians tried to blow up a bridge used for evacuation, he explained, to block the last remaining fighter jets inside.

7.30 “Russia’s underestimation of the Ukrainian resistance and its ‘best-case scenario’ planning led to demonstrable operational failures, which prevented President Putin from announcing a significant military success in Ukraine at the Victory Day parade on 9 May.” We read this in the latest intelligence assessment from the British Ministry of Defense on the 74th day of the war. “It is very likely that Russia’s invasion plan was based on the erroneous assumption that it would encounter limited resistance and be able to quickly surround and bypass population centers. This assumption prompted the Russian forces to attempt to carry out the initial phase of the operation with an easy and precise approach, destined to achieve a quick victory with minimal cost. This miscalculation led to unsustainable losses and a subsequent reduction in Russia’s operational focus, ”concludes the morning report from London.

7.00 There are at least one dead and 5 wounded in Odessa after a series of Russian attacks in the last few hours. A total of 7 old model rockets were fired – according to the Ukrainian southern operational command quoted by Ukrainska Pravda – which caused a number of fires, including one in a shopping mall, all of which are currently extinguished. Eyewitnesses report at least four explosions in the city. Later, a spokeswoman for Odessa OVA, Serhiy Bratchuk, told Hromadske that a fire had broken out in one of Odessa’s shopping and entertainment centers after a missile attack last night. On Monday morning, the Russians launched a missile attack on Odessa, which also forced Prime Minister Denis Shmygal and European Council President Charles Michel to seek refuge in shelters.

6.59 Tonight, at 8 pm Italian, the meeting between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and US President Joe Biden in the White House. The Italian Prime Minister arrives in the US capital late in the morning and then heads to the White House. In the Oval Office, the two presidents will address strategic issues (in June there will be the G7 and the NATO summit) and will take stock of the Ukrainian conflict, paying particular attention to the issue of sanctions. More generally, it will also be an opportunity to reaffirm the historic friendship and strong partnership between the two countries. The next day, May 11, Draghi is due to have a meeting with the press, and then at 20.40 (Italian time) he is expected in the House of Representatives for a meeting with President Nancy Pelosi and the leaders of the congressional political groups. So at At 00.25 (Italian), the Atlantic Council’s award ceremony will be held: the President of the Council will be awarded the Distinguished Leadership Award 2012, ie as one of the politicians whose influence has been most felt on the planet. As early as 2015, Draghi was awarded by the prestigious American think tank: He was awarded the Global Citizen Award.

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