Demaria: “The Alfieri Theater, the Verdi Institute and the Library: the relaunch of Asti culture starts from these realities”

In recent years, we have seen the interest shown by various associations and individuals in rehabilitating the Partisan Tree. But in general, citizens demand more care and maintenance in all green areas, not just mowing three or four times a year. What are your suggestions for caring for urban greenery?

With a little daughter, I am a frequent visitor to the parks. I will work on two main aspects, hiring new staff and greater control over the cleaning of public parks, with sanction for misconduct. I also intend to introduce a new tool: Co-operation pacts, agreements between the Administration and the individual citizen to safeguard the common good. A more beautiful city is the result of strengthening citizenship, equality and cooperation between the parties.

The outgoing administration has decided to designate Asti as Italy’s Capital of Culture 2025. In your opinion, is Asti ready for this challenge, or is it better to postpone it to more favorable times?

A largely classified dossier. A great economist presiding over an empty table. A big announcement in the election campaign. These are the ingredients of a captivating and unlikely proposal, at least within the stated times. The questions as an insider are many, based on the artistic and cultural content of a similar project. I believe that a serious relaunch of Culture in Asti starts with a proper management of the cultural proposal, with particular attention to the Alfieri Theater, the Verdi Institute and the library; then you pass from a real cultural relaunch of the territory. And only finally reach a candidacy as the cultural capital of Italy, in recognition of a road. If you do not put the cart before the horse, I am very much in favor of ambitious proposals, but you have to know what you are talking about.

In the last two years, some of the most important urban events have stopped. There are those who had suggested using this time to review them in their entirety, try to relaunch them with new formats, and perhaps think of a new international communication. In your opinion, has an opportunity been lost to rejuvenate the Asti brands?

Our manifestations live almost liturgical rituals, and it is true that this is the case. But if you stand still, you risk irrelevance. I am convinced that we could have used this forced and painful break to innovate, to restart with new ideas for the events. But how can we innovate without the involvement of the best urban forces, without a healthy generational change that has been lacking in Asti for at least 40 years?

What is your opinion on the “Asp” case? Are you afraid of the future of the company, or are you in favor of the innovations introduced by the practice package adopted by majority vote?

The initiatives that go past majority blows always leave a bitter aftertaste. It happens at all institutional levels, but in my opinion it should be avoided. At a time when nationwide rules are being updated, I have not welcomed this forward-looking leak. I would have awaited the final launch of the texts on the subject, as I intended to maintain employment levels and investment. Let us say that good politics are not carried out by majority strikes.

If he were to become mayor, would he then sponsor Asti Pride on July 16? The LGBTQI community in Asti is asking the municipality for a constructive confrontation and lack of inclusion policies. Agree?

If the municipality’s protection at Asti Pride was part of a constructive dialogue between citizens on a topic as deep and delicate as civil rights, then I would have no problem offering it and actually supporting the event as much as possible .. As believers believe I that individual freedom is an essential part of our society’s evolutionary path.

Recently, fires have resumed near the Roma camp in via Guerra, one of the hot topics in this election campaign. Do you have a recipe for solving the problem where we have witnessed a resurgence of guilt for almost 30 years?

I do not have a recipe or a magic wand, but to solve the problem we need to act on two fronts: The first concerns the firmness of requiring compliance with the rules, and the cooperation between the police forces and the administration will be fundamental. The second concerns cultural integration, which goes through the school and other educational institutions in coordination with the National Board of Health and Welfare.

Candidate Maurizio Tomasini (Ancora Italia), who chose not to participate, was also asked to participate in the interview.

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